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On Safari in the Transylvanian Alps, Where Bison Roam Once More

In Europe, “rewilding” is aiding the reintroduction of key animal species, including bison, which visitors can track in the forests and meadows of western Romania. …


Eileen Myles Watches Over an Ever-Changing New York

Now guarding trees in Lower Manhattan, the poet and author of “Chelsea Girls” says: “Things that might have once been corny to me don’t feel corny anymore.” …


Do Airline Climate Offsets Really Work? Here’s the Good News, and the Bad.

Carbon credits could eventually play an important role in fighting climate change, but right now a few dollars’ worth won’t change much. …


Europe Rethinks Its Reliance on Burning Wood for Electricity

A new proposal would significantly rewrite E.U. rules on renewable energy, ending subsidies for biomass like wood pellets. …


Know your risks. Then prepare.

Researchers used new data to calculate fire threats to homes and other properties throughout the lower 48 states. We made a map. …


Getting the World Clean, One Recycled Bar of Soap at a Time

Meet Shawn Siepler, the founder of Clean the World. The nonprofit recycles partially used soap left behind from hotel guests for those in need. …


An Intimate Look at Mexico’s Indigenous Seri People

The identity of the Seri is integrally tied to their natural environment, which in recent years has been susceptible to an increasing number of existential threats. …


Here’s the First-Ever Map Showing Wildfire Risk to American Homes

New data was used to calculate fire risk to residential and other properties throughout the lower 48 United States. The threats are rising. …