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A Trip to Cover Pakistan’s Destructive Floods, and What’s Left Behind

Christina Goldbaum, a Times reporter based in Dubai, had to travel by boat in Pakistani places where extreme floods have destroyed entire villages….


David Foreman, Hard-Line Environmentalist, Dies at 75

As a co-founder of the group Earth First!, he advocated slashing tires and downing power lines in an effort to return vast swaths of the country to their natural state….


Guía para evacuar en caso de huracán

He aquí algunos consejos para alistarse antes, durante y después de la tormenta: hacer un plan, respaldar documentos importantes, conseguir suministros y más….


Who pays for climate havoc?

There’s growing grievance against a global system that saddles developing countries with debt after extreme weather disasters….


How About Them Apples? Research Orchards Chart a Fruit’s Future.

Scientists working in research groves, like one in Nova Scotia, are developing your favorite new apple variety….


How China Targets the Global Fish Supply

With its own coastal waters depleted, China has built a global fishing operation unmatched by any other country….


Live Updates: Hurricane Ian Lashes Western Cuba

The storm was already dropping rain and heavy winds across the island. Forecasters predicted the hurricane would then head to Florida’s west coast, making landfall by Thursday….


How Rock Climbers and Snowboarders Became a Political Force

Protect Our Winters, a nonprofit group with an advocacy arm, is changing how climate lobbying is done. It is achieving surprising results….


A $52 Billion Proposal Aims to Protect New York Harbor From Storm Surges

The proposal for 12 movable sea barriers across waterways like Jamaica Bay replaces a disputed plan for a single, larger outer-harbor wall….