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Environmental group calls on PG&E to design grid around distributed rooftop solar

By Ryan Kennedy

Environmental Working Group (EWG) is calling for major California utility Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) to change course, and begin supporting distributed rooftop solar and energy efficiency programs in pursuit of a safer, more resilient, more environmentally conscious, and cheaper electric grid.


New York lawmakers abandon bill to grow renewables as state’s grid operator warns margins tightening

By Robert Walton

Reliability margins on New York’s electric grid are shrinking as more fossil fuel generators retire and non-dispatchable renewables are added, the state’s Independent System Operator warned on Wednesday. “We’re taking on a little bit more risk,” NYISO President and CEO Richard Dewey told reporters in a call to discuss the grid operator’s annual Power Trends 2022 report.


Opportunity to Gain 20,000 Protected Coastal Acres

Photo: Mike Frenandez , Audubon

Following years of study and public input, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is recommending that Congress add more than 277,000 acres to the CBRA system in nine states most affected by Hurricane Sandy (including New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia).


State plans 22 renewable energy plants to reach climate goals

Gov. Kathy Hochul announced plans to build 22 renewable energy projects, much of them solar-power facilities, as the state aspires to achieve a zero-emission grid by 2040.


Inside Ithaca’s plan to electrify 6,000 buildings and grow a regional green workforce using private equity funds

By Robert Walton Photo: Robert Walton , Utilitydive

Ithaca, New York, made headlines last year when its city council voted to fully decarbonize. Achieving the 2030 goal will require grid decarbonization, electrifying transportation and rolling out heat pumps to the city’s 6,000 aging commercial and residential buildings.


Inside Ithaca’s plan to electrify 6,000 buildings and grow a regional green workforce using private equity funds

By Robert Walton Photo: Robert Walton/Utilitydive

Ithaca is known for its progressive politics — in the 90s the city pioneered a time-based currency to inspire local spending, for example. But the decarbonization plan is among its most ambitious efforts, according to Director of Sustainability Luis Aguirre-Torres.


2 new bills aim to reduce plastic pollution in New York state

By Joseph Winters Photo: Drew Angerer , Getty Images

Two bills introduced in the New York state assembly this month would place far-reaching requirements on plastic manufacturers, mandating that they pay for waste management and dramatically increase recycling rates, among other things.


Recycling bills need action by NYS Legislature

By NYS Legislature Photo: Morgan Campbell

Lots of flotsam and jetsam is floating through Albany during the final days of the legislative session but it is finally time to deal with an actual trash problem: New York’s outdated and unworkable recycling laws.


Cornell joins hydrogen fuel hub consortium in New York

By Alicia Moore

The university and two of its research startups are taking part in an effort to propose the clean energy facility.Cornell as well as two of its research startups have announced that they are joining a consortium for the purpose of proposing a northeast New York hydrogen fuel hub.


New York City energy veterans defend the home turf with microgrids

By Elisa Wood Photo: Mervas , shutterctock

New York holds a special place in the hearts of microgridders because it was early to the game, rolling out a $40 million program to promote the technology eight years ago, back when the term microgrids was so new to the lexicon that spell-checkers were convinced you meant micrograms.