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Can Europe survive without Russian oil? Nuclear power may be key

By Joanna Gill

Christophe Collignon, mayor of Huy – whose skyline and history are dominated by the Tihange nuclear plant – said most people in the medieval city in eastern Belgium welcomed the decision to extend the ageing reactor’s life until 2035.


Energy Department announces oil buyback to replenish SPR

By Ben Lefebvre

The actual purchases would be for deliveries after fiscal year 2023, in “future years when prices are anticipated to be significantly lower than they are today, and will represent a first tranche of purchases to replenish the SPR and with more planned after these purchases are executed,” the department said in a statement.


California promised to close its last nuclear plant. Now Newsom is reconsidering

By Sammy Roth Photo : Joe Johnston , San Luis Obispo Tribune

Newsom told the L.A. Times editorial board Thursday that the state would seek out a share of $6 billion in federal funds meant to rescue nuclear reactors facing closure, money the Biden administration announced this month. Diablo Canyon owner Pacific Gas & Electric is preparing to shutter the plant — which generated 6% of the state’s power last year — by 2025.


For the first time, US renewable energy output exceeds nuclear generation, EIA finds

By Elizabeth McCarthy Photo: Adeline Kon , UtilityDive

The growing number of large solar and wind energy projects resulted in renewable generation beating out nuclear energy last year, the U.S. Energy Information Administration said on Tuesday.


Biden’s $6B nuclear plan hits ’24th hour’ roadblock

By Peter Behr and Hannah Northey

A top energy executive yesterday confirmed that one of the first plants poised to qualify for financial support under the Energy Department’s newly unveiled lifeline — Michigan’s Palisades plant — remains on schedule to close May 31, throwing the Midwestern state’s climate goals into question.


As Putin Threatens Nuclear Disaster, Europe Learns to Embrace Nuclear Energy Again

By Charlie Campbell Photo: Mykhaylo Palinchak , Getty Images

In early March, the world looked on in horror as a fire broke out at Europe’s largest nuclear power plant in southeast Ukraine. The blaze at the Zaporizhzhia facility following shelling by invading Russian forces was eventually brought under control, and no leaked radiation was reported, though the potential for catastrophe prompted Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to accuse his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin of “nuclear terrorism.”


Gov. Whitmer wants federal aid to keep nuclear plant open

By Jennifer McDermott Photo: Patrick Semansky , AP

Michigan’s Democratic governor wants a nuclear power plant on Lake Michigan to stay open and she’s asking the federal government to pay for it.
But the owner of the Palisades Power Plant says it’s too late — the plant will be shut down in May as scheduled.


Biden announces $6B to bail out nuclear plants at risk of closure

By Zack Budryk

The Biden administration will put $6 billion toward saving distressed nuclear power plants from closure, viewing the power source as another carbon-free alternative to fossil fuels.


War in Ukraine generates interest in nuclear energy, despite danger

By Steven Mufson and Claire Parker Photo: Pascal Rossignol/Reuters

European nations are weighing climate benefits against the perils of putting nuclear power plants in harm’s way.


Nuclear energy should not be part of the global solution to climate change

By Amory B. Lovins Photo: David McNew , Getty Images

The following is a contributed article by Amory B. Lovins, adjunct professor of civil and environmental engineering and scholar at the Precourt Institute for Energy, Stanford University.