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New Mexico governor urges Biden to declare wildfires a disaster to free funds

Photo: Kevin Mohatt , Reuters

New Mexico’s governor on Tuesday asked President Joe Biden to declare a disaster as firefighters scrambled to clear brush, build fire lines and spray water to keep the largest blaze burning in the US from destroying more homes in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.


Climate change and the third world, in New Mexico

By Marjorie Childress

In reporting two recent stories about abandoned uranium mines north of Church Rock, N.M., I heard residents say several times that they want federal officials to take action, not just more talk about cleaning up radioactive waste left practically in their backyards for 40 or more years.


Big US energy transmission projects inch closer to approval

By Susan Montoya Bryan Photo: Susan Montoya Bryan , AP Photo

The federal government has finished another environmental review of a proposed transmission line that will carry wind-generated electricity from rural New Mexico to big cities in the West and similar reviews are planned for two more projects that would span parts of Utah and Nevada, the U.S. Interior Department announced Thursday.


A US oil-drilling hotspot is kicking out far more methane than we thought

By Casey Crownhart Photo: Joe Raedle , Getty Images

One of the largest and fastest-growing oil production sites in the US is emitting far more methane than previously measured. It’s well known that oil and natural-gas production is a significant source of the powerful greenhouse gas: methane that is trapped underground leaks out from wells and pipelines, and it can also be released intentionally through venting and flaring, or burning. But an aerial survey of the Permian Basin in New Mexico revealed more leakage than even the highest estimates had suggested to date.


Methane Leaks in New Mexico Far Exceed Current Estimates, Study Suggests

By Maggie Astor Photo: Joel Angel Juarez , The New York Times

Startlingly large amounts of methane are leaking from wells and pipelines in New Mexico, according to a new analysis of aerial data, suggesting that the oil and gas industry may be contributing more to climate change than was previously known.


Oil and gas companies face $275K in fines for not reporting methane pollution in New Mexico

By Adrian Hedden

Five New Mexico oil and gas operators were fined a total of $275,000 after failing to report methane emissions as required by state law.


Federal funding for Pueblo irrigation projects could be stirred into the water act

By Shaun Griswold Photo: Mona Makela , Getty Images

U.S. Rep. Melanie Stansbury (D-N.M.) is asking the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure to include several proposals benefiting the state’s water infrastructure in the 2022 Water Resources Development Act..


Are New Mexicans willing to go broke in order to go green?

By Jim Townsend

Is it possible to transition to renewable energy, keep gasoline and natural gas affordable and remain energy independent all at the same time? The short answer is – NO! The inconvenient truth is that “going green” is outrageously expensive specifically because anti-fossil fuel laws and regulations cause supply to go down while demand remains the same.


Texas landowner group spurs New Mexico anti-30×30 movement

By Theresa Davis Photo: Roberto E. Rosales , Albuquerque Journal

A federal and state goal to conserve land and water has set off a firestorm of county-level opposition in New Mexico, with backing from a Texas advocacy group.


Gaslit: How NM Straddles the Divide Between Environmental Action and Energy Revenue

By Zach Van Arsdale , Isabel Komaya and Others Photo: Isabel Koyama , Howard Center for Investigative Journalism

Bright pink flags mark a swath of newly cleared land, rubber water hoses snake along the roadside and pump jacks dot the horizon, all signs of the state’s growth as an oil and gas hub.