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NJ Transit OKs $11M for work on 2 transit stations. It’s a perfect chance to go green, advocates say

By Larry Higgs Photo: Michael Mancuso ,

Before NJ Transit’s directors approved contracts Monday to design plans for the restoration of Newark Penn Station and rehabilitation of Trenton Transit Centers platforms and access, environmentalists said they want those plans to include solar power and use of green energy sources as much as possible.


Flooding, pipelines, warehouses top 2021 N.J. environmental news

By Tom Gilbert

If New Jersey were to have a 2021 poster child for climate change, it would not be a child at all. It would be a storm named Ida which caused havoc and heartache by dumping up to 11 inches of rain on a landscape already saturated from previous storms.


A Look at NJ’s 2022 Winter Weather and Snow Expectations

By Jacqueline Mroz Photo: Joe Polillio

South Jersey saw its first big winter storm of 2022 on Monday, marking the start of what we’re told is actually expected to be an average winter in the Garden State.
But in the era of climate change, there’s no such thing as truly average, says NBC 4 New York meteorologist Maria LaRosa, who lives in Bergen County.


How sea level rise is affecting your commute to and around Atlantic City

By John Upton

Like many of the 21,735 casino workers in New Jersey, Mike Luko’s ability to get to and from work can be affected by the direction of the moon, the phase of the moon and what storms are nearby, all of which affect coastal flooding. “Sometimes it’s a hassle, they end up detouring you at Route 9, or they close the road,” said Luko, of Egg Harbor City. Luko takes the White Horse Pike to get to his job as a carpenter for Bally’s Atlantic City, unless the spilled over bays get in the way.


Groups urge bigger targets, more equity as RGGI states consider changes

By Lisa Prevost

As the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, known as RGGI, undergoes a thorough review by participating states, environmental advocates are demanding more ambitious emission reduction targets and a mandate for equitable distribution of the revenues.


New Jersey is uniquely vulnerable to climate change | Sheneman

By Drew Sheneman

New Jersey’s 130 miles of majestic coastline are one of the state’s crown jewel. Punchlines aside, the Jersey shore is an amazing resource that serves as an amazing source of recreation and commerce. It also make us uniquely vulnerable to the ravages of global climate change.


Jersey Shore underwater? Detailed maps project future of rising tides

By Brian Taff and Heather Grubola

Climate change could threaten to leave the Jersey Shore underwater, as detailed maps project the future of rising tides.Since 1985, Dr. Stewart Farrell has worked in his outdoor office tucked away at the waterfront outpost of Stockton University.


How the coastal mid-Atlantic is haunted by sea-level rise

By Samantha Harrington Photo: Cody Pfister

From ghost forests to sinking farmland, coastal salt marshes are rapidly shifting as the oceans rise. The Local Motives team, Nate Murray and Cody Pfister, traveled to New Jersey and Maryland to understand the impact of sea-level rise. In the past, marshes migrated naturally in response to changes, but now those shifts are happening much more quickly and as marshes move inland, they run into human development and farm land.


🦃The Power of Vertical Integration: Spotlight on Double Brook Farm

By Josh Kiman

Many businesses dream of vertical integration to maximize control and efficiencies, cut costs, improve quality, and boost profitability.  Yet it remains exceedingly rare because of the substantial up-front costs and the time, tenacity, and vision necessary to achieve that goal.  Regenerative agriculture evangelists are likely familiar with pioneer Will HarrisWhite Oak Pastures, a fully vertically integrated zero-waste farm with on-farm red meat and poultry abattoirs.


13 Municipalities awarded Atlantic City Electric Sustainable Communities grants

By Nanette LoBiondo Galloway

Atlantic City Electric, together with its program administrator Sustainable Jersey, have chosen 13 local municipalities to receive $75,000 in funds to support open space and resiliency projects in South Jersey.