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N.J. shakes up offshore wind industry with historic $1B plan

By Heather Richards Photo: Francis Chung, E&E News

The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities approved a first-of-its-kind effort Wednesday to grapple with the significant transmission challenges of building large offshore wind farms.


New Jersey Joins Other States in Suing Fossil Fuel Industry, Claiming Links to Climate Change

By Jon Hurdle Photo: Gary Hershorn, Getty Images

New Jersey became the latest U.S. state to sue the fossil fuel industry over climate change, alleging it knew for decades that emissions from its products contributed to global warming, but lied to protect its profits and deter efforts to curb greenhouse gases.


Amid rising seas, Atlantic City has no plans for retreat

By Ted Shaffrey Photo: Seth Wenig, AP Photo

Some cities around the world are pulling back from shorelines, as rising seas from climate change increase flooding. But so far, retreat appears out of the question for Atlantic City, New Jersey.The breezy getaway town is on the water on a barrier, which was once reachable only by boat but in modern times via a causeway. The city fully occupies a small piece of land, water on either side, just above sea level.


Rising seas could swallow millions of U.S. acres within decades

By Brady Dennis Photo: AP

New research finds an estimated 25,000 properties in Louisiana could slip below tidal boundary lines by 2050. Florida, Texas and North Carolina also face profound economic risks.


‘Severe’ drought designation expanded in NY and parts of northern NJ

By Gwynne Hogan

Severe drought conditions in New York and New Jersey persist this week and have expanded into parts of the South Shore of Long Island, Dutchess and Putnam counties, and northern New Jersey, according to the latest data released Thursday from the federal authorities that track conditions nationwide.


What the landmark climate bill could mean for New Jersey as it tries to go green

By Louis C. Hochman and Others

The Inflation Reduction Act President Joe Biden signed this week addresses much more than economics. It also sets aside $369 billion over 10 years for clean energy and climate resiliency.
Tax credits will support renewable energy, like solar and wind, and the new law puts an emphasis on reducing pollution on some of the nation's poorest communities.


Offshore wind offers boost to poor town

By Jon Hurdle Photo: Edwin J. Torres

Herbert Thornton has been delivering tires for a living for the last five years but says he’s now ready for a change, and plans to retrain as a welder at a new factory in Paulsboro that will be making foundations for offshore wind turbines.


New Jersey releases blueprint for landmark environmental justice law

By Julia Kane Photo: Seth Wenig , AP

New Jersey is one major step closer to implementing a groundbreaking environmental justice law. Two years ago, the state passed legislation to limit industrial pollution in neighborhoods with a high concentration of people of color, low-income households, or residents who don’t speak fluent English. Now, the state’s environmental protection agency has proposed regulations spelling out exactly how it will do that.


50 states of solar incentives: New York

By Ryan Kennedy

The State of New York has been an early adopter of solar relative to the United States, and it has a healthy mix of residential, commercial, community, and utility-scale solar. The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) reports that through Q1 2022, New York has installed 3.6 GW of solar across nearly 163,000 projects.


Murphy’s first-term climate goals turn to second-term worries for New Jersey green groups

By Ry Rivard Photo: Eduardo Munoz Alvarez , Getty Images

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy has given three major speeches since the beginning of the year and barely mentioned one of his signature issues — climate change.