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How the Inflation Reduction Act is helping to jumpstart New Hampshire’s long-stalled climate plan

By Sarah Shemkus

New Hampshire — long an outlier among New England states on climate action — is on its way to creating a new climate plan for the first time in 14 years. The state budget adopted last week includes a $3 million federal grant from a program intended to support the development of climate action plans across the country.


NH’s first ban on food waste becomes law in win for composting

By Amanda Gokee

For Albert Diemand, it all began with a composting toilet. One barrier is that composting services for food waste aren’t readily available throughout New Hampshire. Even for residents and businesses that want to compost, it can be difficult to find a place that will take food waste off their hands.

Not everyone would have regarded the invention with wonder and fascination, but Diemand did. And it made him wonder, if there are sustainable ways to deal with organic waste, why aren’t they being utilized?


Climate change could drive migration to New England. Some communities are starting to plan.

By Mara Hoplamazian

As climate change fuels extreme weather and rising sea levels in the U.S. and across the globe, parts of New England could become havens of safety for those fleeing fires, heat, and floods.


Dover won’t start NH community power program for lower electric bills yet. Here’s why.

By Ian Lenahan

The city’s bid to lower electricity bills for residents and expand access to renewable energy sources through the Community Power Coalition of New Hampshire is on pause following a City Council vote.


Roads are drying out after NH’s wet week. But with climate change, flooding could be an increasing problem.

By Mara Hoplamazian

New Hampshire’s roads are starting to dry out after a wet week. But as climate change brings more precipitation and the chance of stronger storms, communities are starting to face increasing flooding risks and new planning needs.


Portsmouth, N.H., is putting together its own climate action plan

By Amanda Gokee

To report on climate change in New Hampshire is to be told over and over again just how far behind the state is compared to its neighbors.


New Hampshire sits out on $3.6B Northeast clean hydrogen hub proposal

By Hadley Barndollar

Much of the Northeast joined together last week in submitting a whopping $3.62 billion proposal to the federal government in hopes of becoming a regional clean hydrogen hub. Missing from the announcement was New Hampshire.


NH joins regional effort to strengthen emergency response to climate change, other crises

By Hadley Barndollar

As interconnected crises related to climate change, infectious diseases, and human-made hazards are increasing in complexity and frequency, New Hampshire is joining a new regional response meant to bolster resilience and training.


Renewable Energy: The future for New Hampshire

By Sarah Donovan

With the New England region warming at one of the fastest rates in the world due to climate change, a transition to more renewable energy is essential to reduce greenhouse gases and further warming.


Gulf of Maine sees second-hottest year on record, report shows, ‘getting to the edge of habitability’

By Sonel Cutler

Already one of the fastest-warming bodies of water in the world, the Gulf of Maine recorded its second-hottest year ever in 2022, another ominous indicator of how global warming threatens the rich marine world off New England. The Gulf of Maine Research Institute reported recently that average annual sea surface temperature for the sprawling ocean waters clocked in at 53.66 degrees Fahrenheit last year, more than 3.72 degrees above a 30-year average measured earlier this century. In 2021, the average annual sea surface temperature was even slightly higher, at 54.09 degrees.