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With federal aid on the table, utilities shift to embrace climate goals

By Eric Lipton Photo: Todd Heisler

As billions in government subsidies were at stake, the electric utility industry shed its opposition to clean-air regulation and put its lobbying muscle behind passing President Biden’s climate bill.


Long stretches of the Mississippi River have run dry. What’s next?

By Laurence C. Smith Photo: Trent Bozeman

Last month, record low water levels in the Mississippi River backed up nearly 3,000 barges — the equivalent of 210,000 container trucks — on America’s most important inland waterway. Despite frantic dredging, farmers could move only half the corn they’d shipped the same time last year. Deliveries of fuel, coal, industrial chemicals and building materials were similarly delayed throughout the nation’s heartland.


Giant wind farms arise off Scotland, easing the pain of oil’s decline

By Stanley Reed Photo: Francesca Jones

Oil and gas workers, losing their jobs as fossil fuel investment wanes, find work in the wind energy business.


The global warming confab in the Egyptian desert was a mirage

By Bob Berwyn Photo: Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Amid fighting over croissants and climate, the UN’s COP27 mirrored a world that can’t come together to break free of fossil fuels and avoid a catastrophic future.


Who Were the Worst Climate Polluters in the US in 2021?

By Phil McKenna Photo: Andrew Caballero-Reynolds

The worst of the worst included a coal-fired power plant in Alabama, a coal mine in Pennsylvania and a nylon plant in Florida, recent EPA data shows.


COP27 leaves world on dangerous warming path despite historic climate fund

By Sarah Kaplan Photo: Mohamed Abd El Ghany/Reuters

The final decision of the U.N. Climate Conference in Egypt made little progress on emissions-cutting measures that could avert worse disasters to come….


Rich countries agree to pay for climate damages in poor nations

By Brad Plumer, Lisa Friedman, Max Bearak and Jenny Gross Photo: Mohamed Abd El Ghany/Reuters

After 30 years of deadlock, a new U.N. climate agreement aims to pay developing countries for loss and damage caused by global warming. But huge questions remain about how it would work.


How to pay for climate justice when polluters have all the money

By Bill McKibben Photo: Gehad Hamdy/Getty

The climate summit just concluding in Egypt ran hard into one of the world’s greatest structural problems: most of the money is in the Global North, but most of the need is in the Global South. Nearly three hundred years of burning fossil fuels have produced much of that northern wealth, and now the resulting greenhouse gases are heating the planet and producing much of that southern need.


Extreme heat will change us

By Alissa J. Rubin, Ben Hubbard, Josh Holder et al.

On a treeless street under a blazing sun, Abbas Abdul Karim, a welder with 25 years experience, labors over a metal bench. Everyone who lives in Basra, Iraq, reckons with intense heat, but for Abbas it is unrelenting. He must do his work during daylight hours to see the iron he deftly bends into swirls for stair railings or welds into door frames.