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Gas, electric companies cut off 270,000 Ohioans amid pandemic and billions in profit

Seven gas and electric companies in Ohio shut off service due to nonpayment more than 270,000 times over one year during the pandemic as their corporate parents reported billions in profits.
Gas, electric companies cut off…


British Columbia salmon abundance ‘a sixth’ of what it was half-a-century ago: Study

Catches of wild pacific salmon on the Fraser, Skeena and Nass Rivers are only a sixth of what they were half a century ago, according to a new study from UBC. …


DeSantis net-metering veto highlights path for solar in red states, advocates say

The surprise veto last month of a utility-backed, anti-net-metering bill in Florida prompted cheers of relief from the state’s solar industry and clean energy advocates. Across the state line in Georgia, solar developer Montana Busch…


Eye on Utilities: FirstEnergy continues to play hardball with Consumers’ Counsel and others

FirstEnergy provided the Office of the Ohio Consumers’ Counsel with various documents it had previously produced in shareholder litigation. Yet the company continues to fight against other disclosures in regulatory cases related to the House…


Plans for a Chinese corn mill in North Dakota spur uproar

Until retiring last year, Frank Matejcek spent most of his life farming- raising cattle, growing wheat, sugar beets and other crops on 800 acres just outside Grand Forks, North Dakota, on the border of Minnesota….


In new role, Massachusetts ex-mayor looks to spread his city’s climate successes

The former longtime mayor of Somerville, Massachusetts, is settling into a new job as president of the Northeast Clean Energy Council. Joseph Curtatone, who took over leadership of the regional clean energy group in January,…


DTE shareholders reject proposal to track downstream natural gas emissions

The proposal asked DTE to include carbon emissions from stoves, furnaces and other user-end natural gas consumption into its climate targets.
DTE shareholders reject proposal to track downstream natural gas emissions is an article from Energy…


Connecticut electric vehicle rebate reforms include point-of-sale vouchers

The state’s electric vehicle rebates were increased for lower-income residents last year, but participation has been limited, in part because recipients have had to apply for the incentive after purchasing a vehicle.
Connecticut electric vehicle rebate…


Ohio bill would open door to subsidize next-generation nuclear power work

Nuclear power critics say the legislation could amount to a blank check for private companies researching nuclear reactor technology, while supporters say it would create jobs and bring in federal contracts.
Ohio bill would open door…


Fossil fuel interests threaten New Mexico school funding to retain public support

Through PR campaigns and social media, fossil fuel interest groups tell New Mexicans to uphold drilling rights if they want to keep public school funding.
Fossil fuel interests threaten New Mexico school funding to retain public…