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Nevada Climate Change Portal

Seeking to provide cloud-like “research-as-a-service (RaaS)”, the focus of this project is to advance the quality and quantity of infrastructure and data collection for climate, hydrological, and ecological information pertaining to the state of Nevada. This website provides information on the Nevada Climate Change Project and access to both the NevCAN (Nevada Climate-ecohydrology Assessment Network) and climate modeling output. All information and data is publicly available for download to any person or group that seeks to use it for any purpose, be it research, education, personal interest, or otherwise.


Renewable Options: Nevada

This overview provides a starting point by providing insight into state market and regulatory context that impacts the renewable energy procurement options available. Options that are available within each state are highlighted and introduced. As cities progress in developing their procurement plans, the boundaries of their utility service territory and their utility type will also impact options but are not captured within these state overviews.