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GOP North Dakota senator says he wants to tackle climate change Facebook Twitter Flipboard Email

NPR’s Steve Inskeep talks to Sen. Kevin Cramer of North Dakota about climate change. Unlike some Republicans, Cramer says he’s willing to combat the problem by reducing carbon emissions.


Burgum urges National Credit Union Administration to support ag lending, revise proposed strategic plan

Gov. Doug Burgum is urging the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) to remove language from its proposed 2022-2026 strategic plan that discourages credit unions from lending to farmers and ranchers. Citing “climate related financial risks,” the draft plan assumes that changing weather patterns “will disproportionately affect farming communities” and suggests that “to remain resilient credit unions may need to consider adjustments” to their membership.


Don’t penalize ag over climate change concerns, North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum warns credit union agency

By Jenny Schlecht Photo: Emily Beal / Agweek file photo

Don’t use climate change as an excuse to make credit unions quit working with farmers and ranchers, North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum has urged the National Credit Union Association.


How coal holds on in America

By Joshua Partlow Photo: Dan Koeck

David Saggau, the chief executive of an energy cooperative, tried to explain the losing economics of running a coal-fired power plant to a North Dakota industry group more than a year ago.


Where electric cars could help save coal

By Will Englund Photo: Dan Koeck for The Washington Post

Disdain for electric cars runs deep in this state. In the Bakken oil fields, which have brought enormous riches to North Dakota, workers fume at them on Facebook discussion groups, calling them “worthless” or worse. The small number of drivers who do use electric vehicles — North Dakota has the fewest of any state — get “coal-rolled” out on the road, as pickup trucks pump out black exhaust in bouts of automotive spite.


Basin Electric plans expansion of carbon capture system at synfuels plant

By Amy R. Sisk Photo: Amy R. Sisk

 Basin Electric Power Cooperative plans to expand the carbon capture system at its Great Plains Synfuels Plant near Beulah to contain as much as 70% of the carbon dioxide the facility generates.


This Summer Was Hotter Than The Dust Bowl—Or Any Other Since Records Began

By Graison Dangor

This summer was as hot as the Dust Bowl Summer of 1936—and technically slightly hotter—the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced Tuesday, making 2021’s the hottest since records began in 1895 and adding another milestone to a summer defined by extreme wildfiresdownpours and, of course, heat waves.


Otter Tail Power plans to pull out of North Dakota coal plant

By Jackie Crosby Photo: Otter Tail

Otter Tail Power Co., a utility that covers western Minnesota, plans to pull out of a coal-fired plant it operates in North Dakota by 2028 as it moves toward adding more sources of renewable energy.


ND Transmission Authority Report shows wind power going up, and coal going down

By Jacob Notermann Photo: kfyr

 North Dakota is among the largest energy producers in the county, and many state and industry leaders are trying to install more renewable sources into transmission lines.


North Dakota a top-10 state in renewable energy creation

By Michael Anthony Photo: Kyfr

 North Dakota’s electricity consumption primarily comes from Coal and Natural Gas, but over the past decade, many wind farms have begun to popup throughout the state.