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NASA launches mission to better predict climate impacts

Using advanced satellite technology, the programme aims to accelerate the pace of scientific discovery by better monitoring storms and ice sheet melts The post NASA launches mission to better predict climate impacts appeared first on…

A Biden Administration strategy: send in the scientists

Gavin Schmidt, a leading climate scientist, will fill a newly created job of climate adviser to NASA, in a prominent example of Biden’s pledge to focus on climate policy.

Brazil Pantanal scorched by fires

The blazes in Brazil, often intentionally set, have scorched a record-setting 10 percent of the Pantanal, one of the most biologically diverse habitats on the planet.

Americans Think NASA Should Focus on Climate Change. Trump Doesn’t.

By Riley Griffin and Justin Bachman
NASA’s focus should not be on the cosmos but on Earth, according to a wide-ranging Bloomberg poll of Americans’ views on space. Observing the climate should be NASA’s “top priority,” according to 43 percent of…