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ESG: The Tidal Wave Hitting Businesses in 2022

By Dean Amhaus Photo: Clay Banks

A growing tidal wave hitting businesses can be summarized in three letters – ESG. The environmental, social and governance investing movement may not have fully grabbed the public’s attention – yet – but it is rapidly growing on national and international business radars. In fact, ESG assets are expected to exceed $50 trillion globally by 2025.


Why the SEC’s New Climate Rules Could Divide Corporate America

By Justin Worland Photo: Giles Clarke, Getty Images

Even couched in wonky, legalistic language, the difference in tone between the American Bankers Association (ABA) and the American Petroleum Institute (API) is hard to miss. Last year, following a request for feedback from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the two trade groups presented vastly different pictures of the role the market regulator should play to make sure investors understand the risks climate change poses to companies.


The SEC wants companies to disclose how climate change is affecting them

By David Gura Photo: Olivier Douliery/AFP via Getty Images

Every year, public companies in the U.S. are required to provide investors and regulators with detailed data about their financial performance and the risks they face. Soon, they may also have to disclose information about how they are dealing with climate change.


For This Company, Its Single-Use Plastics Target is Zero

By Gary E. Frank

In response to growing consumer demand for products that help reduce waste, Target recently launched Target Zero, a collection of products intended to reduce single-use packaging.


SEC plans to force public companies to disclose greenhouse gas emissions

By Douglas MacMillan and Maxine Joselow Photo: San Francisco Chronicle/Hearst Newspapers

From Coca-Cola to Tesla, companies report emissions in widely different ways. A new federal rule is expected to standardize climate disclosures, putting the U.S. on closer footing with other countries.


Microsoft’s Pursuit of Climate Goals Runs Into Headwinds

By Peter Eavis Photo: Gabriela Bhaskar , The New York Times

Microsoft has an ambitious plan to cut its carbon emissions. But on Thursday, the company reported a big increase in the greenhouse gases emanating from its operations and its products, a reminder of the challenges that companies face as they try to clean up their businesses.


Inside Walmart’s climate and sustainability strategy

By Jennifer Overstreet

As one of the largest and most influential retail companies in the world, what Walmart says and does about sustainability makes a big impact. On this week’s episode of the Retail Gets Real podcast, Walmart Senior Director of Sustainability Zach Freeze joins the show to share how the company is approaching sustainability from a strategic perspective, working toward ambitious goals and leading the way for the retail industry.


What’s Driving Insurers to Prioritize ESG Investments?

By Jonathan McGoran

A recent survey of 280 decision makers at U.S.-based life/annuity and P&C insurers shows increased attention and commitment to aligning investments with Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals.


Top companies are undermining their climate pledges with political donations, report says

By Maxine Joselow Photo: Andrew Kelly , Reuters

Good morning and welcome to The Climate 202! We have a newsy edition today featuring the energy implications of Russian aggression against Ukraine and the findings of an International Energy Agency report on methane emissions.


Salesforce Tackles Net Zero Credibility As It Adds Sustainability As A Fifth Core Value

By Felicia Jackson

While debate is rife around the credibility of net zero targets, Salesforce has announced that it is adding sustainability to its existing core values, alongside a suite of offerings to help clients address their own sustainability concerns.