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Q: What does the Energy star rating actually mean and what is on the label?

A: Energy Star is a voluntary program the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) started to give you information about how much money you could potentially save while reducing your impact on the environment. More at Constellation…

Q: Why should I buy LED light bulbs?

A: Because, for one thing, they last 50,000 hours, particularly if you purchase ENERGY STAR®-certified LED bulbs. Hours can also vary; here are some factors that can shorten their lifespan. More at PSEG Long Island  

Q: How much food do we waste and what does this mean for climate change?

A: Cutting food waste is not just important to addressing global hunger; eliminating waste would also eliminate its consequent carbon emissions. In the US, we waste more than $160 billion worth of food per year…

Q: Did you know that what you eat affects climate change?

A: A report released in January 2017, concludes that if the average American diet changed minimally to meet Dietary Guidelines for Americans, diet-related energy consumption in the US could be reduced by 3%. Much more…

Q: Can you mitigate climate change by reducing your air travel?

A: Absolutely. Each traveler, on average, making more than 6 round trips by air a year, emits more than 3 tons of carbon dioxide per year, a substantial amount, particularly by global standards. More at…

Q: Why should I buy an electric car and how do I get it charged?

A: 1. Over its lifetime, including manufacture, driving emissions, and disposal, an electric car is about 50% cleaner than a gasoline-powered car. As renewables occupy an ever-larger percentage of electricity generation, that number will grow.…

Q: How can I mitigate climate change?

A:You can fight for candidates who care about climate change and vote! You can cut back on meat, turn down the heat and the air conditioner, wash in cold water. You can eliminate junk mail.…