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Militaries must consider climate change. This British general is leading the way

Richard Nugee, a three-star general, knew armed forces must adapt to a warming world. So one of the most senior officers in the British Army asked for a new job: drawing up a climate change…

Darwin in a lab: Coral evolution tweaked for global warming

Scientists are trying to speed up coral’s evolutionary clock to breed “super corals” that can better withstand the impacts of global warming.

Where to start? Boards struggle with climate change risks, fail to act

Many Australian boards are struggling to prepare their companies or organisations for climate change, with almost half the country’s directors saying they don’t know how to tackle the issue.

Citizens’ Climate Radio Ep. 52: Doug Parsons on adaptation, resilience & coronavirus

Climate change work often fits in one of two categories: 1. Mitigation, to reduce or end human caused greenhouse pollution in order to slow down and lessen the impacts of global warming. 2. Adaptation of…

Climate research struggles to find funding

Climate research is the poor relation of the academic world. Since 1990 it’s won less than 5% of the research funds available. The post Climate research struggles to find funding appeared first on Climate News…

Timber buildings can help to slow global heating

Tomorrow’s town planners could take a leaf from nature’s book with timber buildings. More than a leaf: the whole tree and all the cuttings as well. The post Timber buildings can help to slow global…

Illinois governor wants clean energy legislation, could push state out of PJM power grid

By Scott DiSavino
Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker called on the state legislature to pass clean energy legislation in his State of the State address, providing a boost to advocates of the Clean Energy Jobs Act, which could push…

Beyond Carbon

Check if your state, territory, or district is working on climate and clean energy policies, including 100% clean energy laws, carbon pollution reduction targets, and policies to expand transit and support electric vehicles.