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March 2020 Weather and Its Impacts on Missouri

Mild March weather dominated the Show Me state with only a few brief periods of cooler than average temperatures during the month, Figure 1. Frequent cloudy periods acted to keep overnight minimum temperatures above average for much of March. According to preliminary data, the statewide average temperature for the month was 48.8℉, or 5.2 degrees above the long-term average. It was the warmest March since 2016, Figure 2.


Climate Resilience

Climate Change May Be The Most Important Challenge Humanity Has Ever Faced. But Together, We All Are Part Of The Solution.


Global Warming Solutions

We’ve taken significant steps to make sure we leave kids growing up today a cleaner, healthier planet. We refuse to let environmental progress stopnot when the reality of climate change demands we move quickly toward a 100% renewable energy economy.



Currently, Missouri averages 15 days a year with temperatures reaching extreme and dangerous levels. By 2050, the state is projected to see more than 60 such days a year.