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Overlapping Disasters Expose Harsh Climate Reality: The U.S. Is Not Ready

By Christopher Flavelle, Anne Barnard, Brad Plumer and Michael Kimmelman Photo: Max Whittaker , The New York Times
In Louisiana and Mississippi, nearly one million people lack electricity and drinking water after a hurricane obliterated power lines. In California, wildfire menaces Lake Tahoe, forcing tens of thousands to flee.

Mississippi Recognizes Clean Energy Week 2021

By National Clean Energy Week
 Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves has issued a proclamation recognizing September 20-24, 2021 as Clean Energy Week in the state in conjunction with National Clean Energy Week (NCEW) 2021.  

USDA devotes $25 million to boost MO’s renewable energy infrastructure

By Steve Scott
The U.S. Department of Agriculture is devoting more than 25-million-dollars to build or improve renewable energy infrastructure in Missouri.

Missouri’s largest wind farm isn’t running at night for fear of killing endangered animals

By Allison Kite Photo: Allison Kite , Missouri Independent
Every night for months, turbines at Missouri’s largest wind farm sit idle to avoid killing endangered and threatened bats.

MDA grants help support Mississippi recycling and reuse projects

By Haley Rischar
The Mississippi Development Authority (MDA) has recently announced the winners of the “Pitch in the V-Quad” competition, an opportunity for Mississippi innovators to showcase potential advancements in energy and agriculture technology.

New Missouri Biofuel Infrastructure Incentive Program

The Missouri Agricultural and Small Business Development Authority (MASBDA) recently announced the Biofuel Infrastructure Incentive Program (BIIP) to increase the distribution and use of biofuels in the state of Missouri. Funds will be awarded to…

Rep. AGs appeal social costs of greenhouse gas lawsuit

By Sebastien Malo Photo: Vincent West , Reuters
Missouri's attorney general and his Republican peers from a dozen states have appealed the ruling of a St. Louis federal judge who tossed their claims alleging that President Joe Biden exceeded his powers in an…

Ordinance would essentially ban wind farms in Boone County

By James Owen
Boone County residents value clean, affordable wind energy as an important part of our future. In a statewide ballot measure supporting a renewable energy standard, county voters supported it by a two-thirds majority.

Scientists detail role of climate change in Ida’s intensity

By Zack Budryk and Rachel Frazin
A combination of climate-related factors such as warm ocean temperatures and increased sea level rise helped fuel Hurricane Ida and its path of destruction, scientists said.

Climate change is making hurricanes stronger, slower and wetter. Ida checked all the boxes

By Rachel Ramirez
Human-caused climate change is making hurricanes more dangerous. They are producing more rainfall, moving slower once they make landfall and generating larger storm surges along the coast. Hurricane Ida was a prime example of those changes, and scientists…