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Extreme weather exiles: how climate change is turning Europeans into migrants

By Marta Rodriguez Martinez & Lillo Montalto Monella

Climate change could leave you homeless overnight – right here, in Europe. Flash floods, mudslides and wildfires triggered by heatwaves are among the extreme weather events becoming increasingly common, thanks to climate change.


The climate crisis is now a bigger threat to humanity than war

By Liam Pritchett

The ongoing climate crisis is causing more displacement and forced migration—through climate change-related natural disasters—than conflict and violence.


Is the World Ignoring Climate Change Migrants?

By Reiss Edwards

There are millions of people on this planet today already directly affected by climate change. While large swathes of the global population are currently buffered from the immediate impacts of climate change on their daily lives, those in low lying countries are already grappling with the havoc it creates.


How Warming Winters Are Affecting Everything Facebook Twitter Flipboard Email

By Lauren Sommer, Mose Buchele

Winters are warming faster than other seasons across much of the United States. While that may sound like a welcome change for those bundled in scarves and hats, it’s causing a cascade of unpredictable impacts in communities across the country.


Climate Change Is Altering Migration Patterns Regionally and Globally

By Jayla Lundstrom

Since at least 2014, a growing number of asylum-seekers from Central America have arrived at the U.S.-Mexico border. While the response from the Obama administration raised genuine protection concerns, the Trump administration has taken the draconian and unwelcoming approach of dismantling the U.S. asylum system by restricting grounds for asylum, separating families, and illegally blocking access to ports of entry.


Climate Change Is Already Driving Mass Migration Around the Globe

By Jeff Turrentine Photo by Masfiqur Sohan

Given the oversize role that migration plays in our current political discourse, you’d think there would be more emphasis on the one factor military and security experts believe will affect future migration patterns more than any other: climate change.