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New maps document big-game migrations across the western United States

For the first time, state and federal wildlife biologists have come together to map the migrations of ungulates across America’s West. The maps will help land managers and conservationists pinpoint actions necessary to keep migration routes open and functional to sustain healthy big-game populations.


How Climate Migration Will Reshape America

By Abrahm Lustgarten

August besieged California with a heat unseen in generations. A surge in air-conditioning broke the state’s electrical grid, leaving a population already ravaged by the coronavirus to work remotely by the dim light of their cellphones. By midmonth, the state had recorded possibly the hottest temperature ever measured on earth — 130 degrees in Death Valley — and an otherworldly storm of lightning had cracked open the sky.


Climate change could lead to mass migration as people head north to survive

By Abrahm Lustgarten

The Earth’s temperature is expected to drastically increase over the next 50 years, which will likely force entire nations of people to travel north for survival. ProPublica senior environmental reporter Abrahm Lustgarten mapped out what this migration might look like.


Climate Change Will Drive People Across Borders

By Sonia Shah Photo by Loren Elliott

Extreme wildfires savaged Northern California in 2018, leaving the homeless to camp out in a Home Depot parking lot in Oakland, not far from the billionaire hub of Silicon Valley. Hurricane Irma displaced more than 1,500 inhabitants of Barbuda in 2017: their government made plans to sell their communally held land to celebrity investors while survivors recovered in shelters.


Believe It Or Not, Forests Migrate — But Not Fast Enough For Climate Change

By Ari Shapiro Photo by David McNew

We’re all familiar with migration: Wildebeests gallop across Africa, Monarch butterflies flit across the Americas … but did you know that forests migrate, too?


Behind the Cover: Climate Migration

By Kathy Ryan

This week’s cover story focuses on the disruptive scale of migration that may be approaching because of climate change. The photojournalist Meridith Kohut photographed an Indigenous agricultural worker, Martín Yat Chen, who is squatting on farmland in rural Guatemala that has dried up from higher temperatures and a lack of rain.


The Great Climate Migration

By Abrahm Lustgarten Photo by Meridith Kohut

Early in 2019, a year before the world shut its borders completely, Jorge A. knew he had to get out of Guatemala. The land was turning against him. For five years, it almost never rained.


Climate woes growing for women, hit worst by displacement and migration

By Megan Rowling

From sexual violence in displacement camps to extra farm work and greater risk of illness, women shoulder a bigger burden from worsening extreme weather and other climate pressures pushing people to move for survival, a global aid group said on Tuesday.


50 Years From Now, Many Densely Populated Parts of the World Could be Too Hot for Humans

By Bob Berwyn Photo by Li Yang

A new study published Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences shows a “surprisingly narrow” human climate niche—between 52 degrees Fahrenheit to 59 degrees Fahrenheit. And it will shift geographically more in the next 50 years than any time during the past 6,000 years. As a result, up to 3 billion people are “likely to live under climate conditions that are warmer than conditions deemed suitable for human life to flourish,” the international team of researchers wrote.