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Climate and refugee organizations say Biden has power to help address climate change-driven displacement

By Rebecca Morin
A cross section of refugee and climate organizations say President Joe Biden can help address refugees driven from their homelands by climate change-related factors by using a number of actions at his disposal.

To Flee, or to Stay Until the End and Be Swallowed by the Sea

By Dalia Faheid, Katie Livingstone Photo: Katie Livingstone , Inside Climate News
The Rev. Roch Naquin grew up on this island along the Louisiana coast, trapping muskrats and mink in the marsh beyond his family’s home and cutting firewood from a stand of oak trees.

This Louisiana neighborhood is retreating in the face of climate change

By Alexandria Herr Photo: Go Nakamura/Getty Images
In early May, President Joe Biden stood in front of the 70-year old Calcasieu River Bridge in Lake Charles, Louisiana. With the aging bridge in the background, he spoke about the hurricanes that have battered…

Extreme Weather Displaces Record Numbers of People as Temperatures Rise

By Deutsche Welle Photo: S. Bandopadhyay
Storms, floods, wildfires and droughts drove more than 30 million people from their homes last year, as rising temperatures wrought extra chaos on the climate, according to a report published Thursday by the Internal Displacement…

Freshwater fish are in “catastrophic” decline with one-third facing extinction, report finds

By Sophie Lewis Photo: Sakis Mitrolidis/AFP Via Getty Images
Thousands of fish species are facing "catastrophic" decline — threatening the health, food security and livelihoods of hundreds of millions of people around the world. New research shows that one-third of all freshwater fish now…

As Biden Seeks Answers on Climate’s Impact on Migration, Sydney Declaration Provides Legal Ground Rules for Action

By Jane McAdam
In an executive order earlier this month, President Joe Biden ordered a report into “climate change and its impact on migration, including forced migration, internal displacement, and planned relocation,” including “options for protection and resettlement…

Climate Migration Needs Personal Stories

By Cameron Ramey Photo: Neil Palmer, CIAT
Reporting personal stories illustrating the impacts of climate change bears importance beyond feeding reader interest or even good journalism practice. Personal stories give a human face to one of the most tangible consequences of unmitigated…

New maps document big-game migrations across the western United States

For the first time, state and federal wildlife biologists have come together to map the migrations of ungulates across America's West. The maps will help land managers and conservationists pinpoint actions necessary to keep migration…

How Climate Migration Will Reshape America

By Abrahm Lustgarten
August besieged California with a heat unseen in generations. A surge in air-conditioning broke the state’s electrical grid, leaving a population already ravaged by the coronavirus to work remotely by the dim light of their…

Climate change could lead to mass migration as people head north to survive

By Abrahm Lustgarten
The Earth's temperature is expected to drastically increase over the next 50 years, which will likely force entire nations of people to travel north for survival. ProPublica senior environmental reporter Abrahm Lustgarten mapped out what…