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The first step to preparing for surging climate migration? Defining it

By Ari Shapiro

There are calls to better define what constitutes “climate migration” amid concern that policies are not keeping up with the growing issue and countries are failing to properly help those fleeing disasters.


Plants at risk of extinction as climate crisis disrupts animal migration

By Hibaq Farah

The decline of seed-dispersing animals is damaging plants’ ability to adapt to climate breakdown, a study has found. Almost half of all plant species depend on animals to spread their seeds, but scientists fear these plants may be at risk of extinction when animals are driven to migrate to cooler areas, as plants cannot easily follow.


As temperatures rise, crossing into the US will become even more deadly

By Mark Armao

When undocumented migrants cross the U.S.–Mexico border into southern Arizona, they face a perilous journey through the Sonoran Desert, some of the most inhospitable terrain in North America. Summer temperatures in the region routinely top 100 degrees Fahrenheit and water sources are few and far between. Hundreds of migrants die every year in the area, often succumbing to the effects of heat and dehydration.


The Migrant Workers Who Follow Climate Disasters

By Sarah Stillman

Bellaliz Gonzalez had never heard of Midland, Michigan, before a white van dropped her off there in late May, 2020. The journey from her home in Miami, with twelve colleagues, had taken around twenty-two hours. She arrived to a region devastated by a recent flood: cracked roads, collapsed bridges. Gonzalez, a fifty-four-year-old asylum seeker from Venezuela, with neatly coiffed auburn hair, prided herself on remaining calm in dangerous situations.


Facing floods and fires, undocumented immigrants have nowhere to turn for help

By María Paula Rubiano A.

When Hurricane Ida hit New York City on September 16, it dumped more than three inches of rain an hour. Sewers overflowed, streets turned into rivers, and thousands of homes and basements across the city’s five boroughs flooded. Assemblymember Jessica González-Rojas saw the devastation firsthand when she toured her constituent neighborhoods of Corona, East Elmhurst, Jackson Heights, and Woodside in Queens. Family after family, mostly low-income immigrants


The US Can’t Deport Its Way Out of the Climate Migration Crisis

By Dr. Mila Turner

The US has begun to forcibly expel hundreds of Haitian asylum seekers and other migrants, returning them to the dire economic, political, and climate crises from which they fled. The US plan to repatriate over 12,000 more individuals in the coming weeks is a temporary “solution” at best. At worst, it’s an exercise in futility when time and resources could be better spent preparing for the massive global migrations projected to occur over the next few decades.


Climate Change is Fueling a Wave of Migration, Study Finds

By Kate Zerrenner

Global leaders will convene in New York City for Climate Week next week, and environmental justice is again one of the main themes for discussion. The timing of the event comes on the heels of a new World Bank report that analyzes migration within countries in East Asia, Central Asia and North Africa that is fueled by climatic conditions.


Mother Nature and migration are inextricably linked

By Marshall Terrill

Climate migration is expected to displace more than 200 million people in the next three decades, according to a recent World Bank report.


Climate migration is already happening — for homeowners who can afford it

By Salvador Rodriguez

For those who are already feeling the direct impact of global warming and can afford to relocate, climate change migration has begun.


What part of the US is safest from climate change?

By Camille Squires

The storms, floods, heat, and fires that have ravaged the US in 2021 have made the ongoing climate crisis feel especially acute for citizens across the country. And the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report indicates the escalating risks the world faces as the climate warms