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Mother Nature and migration are inextricably linked

By Marshall Terrill

Climate migration is expected to displace more than 200 million people in the next three decades, according to a recent World Bank report.


Climate migration is already happening — for homeowners who can afford it

By Salvador Rodriguez Photo: Christy Gentry , CNBC

For those who are already feeling the direct impact of global warming and can afford to relocate, climate change migration has begun.


What part of the US is safest from climate change?

By Camille Squires Photo: Mike Segar , Reuters

The storms, floods, heat, and fires that have ravaged the US in 2021 have made the ongoing climate crisis feel especially acute for citizens across the country. And the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report indicates the escalating risks the world faces as the climate warms


Increasing urban density could reduce climate change

By Dan Grossman Photo: Scripps National

States are starting to re-think the American dream of white picket fences as they build housing with the idea of reducing carbon emissions.


Fleeing Disaster Is Hard. Climate Change Is Making It Harder

By Matt Simon Photo : David Odisho , Getty Images

In Louisiana, Hurricane Ida made landfall on Sunday, devastating communities with 150-mile-per-hour winds and towering storm surges. And in California, the Caldor Fire, which has burned 320 square miles and destroyed over 700 structures, rapidly advanced toward South Lake Tahoe on Monday.


Climate change be damned. More Americans are moving to high-risk areas

By Vanessa Yurkevich

Seventeen years ago, when Adriana Nichols moved from New York City to Los Angeles, she had a simple wish list: natural light (her New York studio apartment was dark), a yard and quiet neighbors. She managed to check everything off that list — and has spent nearly two decades living in the canyons of LA.


Populations in high-risk climate areas grow: Redfin

By Lexi Lonas

Populations in areas of the United States at high risk for climate disasters are growing, according to an analysis done by real estate listing service Redfin.


Climate and refugee organizations say Biden has power to help address climate change-driven displacement

By Rebecca Morin

A cross section of refugee and climate organizations say President Joe Biden can help address refugees driven from their homelands by climate change-related factors by using a number of actions at his disposal.


To Flee, or to Stay Until the End and Be Swallowed by the Sea

By Dalia Faheid, Katie Livingstone Photo: Katie Livingstone , Inside Climate News

The Rev. Roch Naquin grew up on this island along the Louisiana coast, trapping muskrats and mink in the marsh beyond his family’s home and cutting firewood from a stand of oak trees.


This Louisiana neighborhood is retreating in the face of climate change

By Alexandria Herr Photo: Go Nakamura/Getty Images

In early May, President Joe Biden stood in front of the 70-year old Calcasieu River Bridge in Lake Charles, Louisiana. With the aging bridge in the background, he spoke about the hurricanes that have battered the town over the last year, emphasizing the need for infrastructure to adapt to the increasing severity of storms influenced by climate change. “The people of Louisiana always have picked themselves up, just like America always picks itself up,” he said, adding that the U.S. needs to “build back in a way that all we build is better able to withstand storms.”