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As temperatures rise, crossing into the US will become even more deadly

By Mark Armao Photo: Grist / Mark Armao
When undocumented migrants cross the U.S.–Mexico border into southern Arizona, they face a perilous journey through the Sonoran Desert, some of the most inhospitable terrain in North America. Summer temperatures in the region routinely top…

The Migrant Workers Who Follow Climate Disasters

By Sarah Stillman
Bellaliz Gonzalez had never heard of Midland, Michigan, before a white van dropped her off there in late May, 2020. The journey from her home in Miami, with twelve colleagues, had taken around twenty-two hours.…

Facing floods and fires, undocumented immigrants have nowhere to turn for help

By María Paula Rubiano A. Photo: Jeenah Moon for The Washington Post via Getty Images
When Hurricane Ida hit New York City on September 16, it dumped more than three inches of rain an hour. Sewers overflowed, streets turned into rivers, and thousands of homes and basements across the city’s…

The US Can’t Deport Its Way Out of the Climate Migration Crisis

By Dr. Mila Turner
The US has begun to forcibly expel hundreds of Haitian asylum seekers and other migrants, returning them to the dire economic, political, and climate crises from which they fled. The US plan to repatriate over 12,000 more individuals in…

Climate Change is Fueling a Wave of Migration, Study Finds

By Kate Zerrenner Photo: Yoda Adaman , Unsplash
Global leaders will convene in New York City for Climate Week next week, and environmental justice is again one of the main themes for discussion. The timing of the event comes on the heels of a new World…

Mother Nature and migration are inextricably linked

By Marshall Terrill
Climate migration is expected to displace more than 200 million people in the next three decades, according to a recent World Bank report.

Climate migration is already happening — for homeowners who can afford it

By Salvador Rodriguez Photo: Christy Gentry , CNBC
For those who are already feeling the direct impact of global warming and can afford to relocate, climate change migration has begun.

What part of the US is safest from climate change?

By Camille Squires Photo: Mike Segar , Reuters
The storms, floods, heat, and fires that have ravaged the US in 2021 have made the ongoing climate crisis feel especially acute for citizens across the country. And the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change…

Increasing urban density could reduce climate change

By Dan Grossman Photo: Scripps National
States are starting to re-think the American dream of white picket fences as they build housing with the idea of reducing carbon emissions.

Fleeing Disaster Is Hard. Climate Change Is Making It Harder

By Matt Simon Photo : David Odisho , Getty Images
In Louisiana, Hurricane Ida made landfall on Sunday, devastating communities with 150-mile-per-hour winds and towering storm surges. And in California, the Caldor Fire, which has burned 320 square miles and destroyed over 700 structures, rapidly…