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Updating Michigan energy rules on new homes faces pushback from builders

By Ted Roelofs Photo: Shutterstock

Updating Michigan standards last addressed in 2015, state officials are to consider a new, more energy-efficient home construction code this year ─ likely sparking a battle between home builders and environmentalists who back stronger energy mandates.


Governor Whitmer releases climate plan to make Michigan carbon neutral by 2050

By Briana Rice Photo: Llmari Karonen

The Michigan Department of Environmental, Great Lakes and Energy released the draft MI Healthy Climate Plan as an outline of how the state plans to reach Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s goal of getting the state carbon neutral by 2050.


Climate change threatens Great Lakes Anishinaabek culture

By Sierra Clark Photo: Sierra Clark , Record Eagle

Clear tubing that runs hundreds of feet through 250 maple trees will need to be flushed. Trees need to be inspected for their overall health before they’re tapped, but also, Corey said, his family needs to be ready for when the trees are ready, because the season “comes quickly and ends just as quickly.”


Clean energy, reliable grid among top energy issues in Michigan

By Rachel Duckett

As a presidential candidate, Joe Biden made a series of energy-related promises, including net-zero emissions by 2050 and the launch of “a national effort aimed at creating the jobs we need to build a modern, sustainable infrastructure now and deliver an equitable clean energy future.”


Michigan’s new climate plan is a strong start, but environmentalists say faster action needed

By Sheri McWhirter Photo: Nicole Hester , MLIVE.Com

Environmental advocates said they are encouraged by Michigan’s new climate action plan but also want to see faster action to decarbonize the state’s economy.


Farmers chase migrating crops in a warming climate

By Sheldon Krause Photo: Flickr

As Michigan feels the effects of a changing climate, agriculture experts say they can adapt to keep Michigan farms running.


Muskegon County solar farm being built to power 3,400 homes annually

By Rose White Photo: Pine Gate Renewables

When complete, the MacBeth Solar farm will produce about 41,000 megawatt hours — enough to power about 3,400 homes annually through a 20-year agreement with Consumers Energy.


Could Fortified Wines Be Michigan’s Answer to Climate Change?

By Julia Coney Photo: Ariela Basson

Michigan, a state known as the car capital of the world, has in recent years focused on promoting itself as an up-and-coming American wine region. Michigan Wine Collaborative, a non-profit organization focused on pushing Michigan wines forward, produced its inaugural Judgment of Michigan in 2021 — a Michigan-only wine competition to promote the state’s wines.


Community gardens help Michigan adapt to climate change

By Hope O' Dell

Warming water temperatures reduce fish spawning and snow compresses on itself less during the winter –– which hurts wild rice, said Rachael Pressley, a regional planner with Western U.P. Planning and Development Region. Habitat warming allows new species of plants and trees to migrate northward, along with invasive pests.


Globalization expert predicts Michigan will be one of the best places to live in several decades

By Myesha Johnson Photo: Jason Brower , Unsplash

Heat waves in all states are projected to become more intense and global sea levels have already risen by eight inches since 1880 according to the U.S. Global Change Research Program.