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The Detroit Zoo plans to be entirely powered by renewable energy by 2021

By Ryan Prior
Windmills and solar panels may soon be keeping the lights on in the reptile house, and throughout the Detroit Zoo. The zoo, located in Detroit's suburb of Royal Oak, says it's shifting to being powered…

Solar installers say new rates are slowing demand for rooftop solar

By Tracy Samilton Photo: Pixabay
In May, the Michigan Public Service Commission approved a new, so-called "inflow/outflow" model for  rooftop solar rates, replacing the former "net metering" scheme.

Consumers Energy chief sees solar future in Michigan

By Jim Malewitz
Patti Poppe is the chief executive of Consumers Energy, Michigan's second-largest energy provider that, like utilities across the country, is rapidly weaning itself from coal. But Poppe's carbon-cutting ambition stands out. Consumers Energy won't replace…

U-M to reduce emissions through renewable energy purchase from DTE Energy

By University of Michigan News
The University of Michigan is on track to reduce greenhouse gas emissions significantly following an agreement to buy renewable energy through DTE Energy that will result in about half of the purchased electricity for the…

Report warns of climate change-related impacts on Great Lakes

By Emma Edmund
Experts warn that climate change poses a significant threat to the Great Lakes region, according to an Environmental Law and Policy Center report published last month.

Michigan Tech Researchers Say Distributed Renewables Save Utility Customers Money

By Steve Hanley
A study by researchers at Michigan Technical University claims increasing renewable and distributed generation energy sources can save Michigan electric consumers money. The study, entitled “Policies to Overcome Barriers for Renewable Energy Distributed Generation: A…

These dozen states could move to 100% renewable electricity

By Irina Ivanova
Last year, California set the most ambitious energy goal in the nation: reaching 100 percent renewable energy in just over 25 years. This year, as many as 13 other states are rearing to join it.