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WATCH: EHN reporter Kristina Marusic discusses the alarming link between air pollution and mental illness

Environmental Health News reporter Kristina Marusic recently spoke about the links between pollution and mental health during a webinar for the Pittsburgh-based Group Against Smog and Pollution (GASP).Marusic and Allegheny Front reporter Julie Grant discussed…

LISTEN: Lead pollution and mental health

EHN reporter Kristina Marusic discussed her recent reporting on the surprising mental health impacts of contaminated drinking water on the public radio program Living on Earth. Listen below or visit Living on Earth for the…

Obese? Need nanny’s help? Don’t rely on the Tories, baffled by today’s world | Nick Cohen

Crises such as public health must be met by the state and there’s the Conservatives’ rubConservatives look like cranks today, not because of personal failings of this or that politician, but because they cannot deal…

Where parents can get help with climate anxiety

If you're looking to the future and wondering exactly how to prepare your children for a changing world, these resources can help.

A string of kindness and good deeds

An unknown caller from San Anselmo, Calif., rang the other day. I'm not sure what prompted me, but I picked up.Joan Wienheimer was on the other end. She had heard EHN reporter Kristina Marusic on…

Contact with nature in cities reduces loneliness, study shows

Contact with nature in cities significantly reduces feelings of loneliness, according to a team of scientists. Loneliness is a major public health concern, their research shows, and can raise a person’s risk of death by…

LISTEN: Gavin Rienne on children’s health and natural disasters

Gavin Rienne joins the Agents of Change in Environmental Justice podcast to discuss what children’s health can tell us about a community’s natural disaster preparedness.Rienne, an epidemiology and biostatistics Ph.D. candidate at the University of…

The emerging field of pollution and mental health research

Mounting scientific evidence reveals that environmental pollution and the stress of climate change not only anguish our physical health, but also impact our mental health. Last month EHN and The Allegheny Front highlighted the mental…