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World’s poorest bear brunt of climate crisis: 10 underreported emergencies

Care International report highlights ‘deep injustice’ neglected by world’s media, as extreme weather along with Covid wipes out decades of progressFrom Afghanistan to Ethiopia, about 235 million people worldwide needed assistance in 2021. But while…

Don’t Look Up: four climate experts on the polarising disaster film

Critics haven’t been kind to Adam McKay’s eco-satire, but many climate experts are lauding it. Here four give their views Rarely has a film been as divisive as Adam McKay’s climate satire Don’t Look Up.…

“Don’t Look Up” was good for climate cinema, even if you hated it

As critics debate Adam McKay’s latest film, perhaps the better question is where movies about climate change should go from here.

Watching Don’t Look Up made me see my whole life of campaigning flash before me | George Monbiot

I’ve broken down on TV too, trying to explain the horror of the climate crisis to those who wield power and do nothingNo wonder journalists have slated it. They’ve produced a hundred excuses not to…

Climate change history: How journalists in the 1900s covered an emerging science

The weather of 1911 was weird—or so reported the March 1912 edition of Popular Mechanics. Among reports of zeppelins, new developments in submarine tech, an electronic hearing aid from France, and the innovative use of…

Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp Australia to Ease Climate Change Denial

The campaign, if sustained, could put pressure on Fox News, though critics were skeptical that a sea change was in store.

From the climate crisis to Covid-19: can journalism focus on the stories that matter? | Mark Hertsgaard and Kyle Pope

Newsrooms should know: the disaster is here. It is raging now. Our job is to cover it with the urgency it deservesTo hear many journalists tell it, the spring of 2020 has brought a series…

Jane Fonda: The Climate Emergency Is a Political Emergency

By Jane Fonda Photo: Jose Luis Magana/AP
We must start to live our lives as if this is an emergency, because it is. Each of us one day will have to answer this question: What did I do to protect the planet for…