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Impossible Foods and Regenerative Grazers Face Off in a Carbon Farming Dust-Up

By Nicole Rasul
The plant-based burger company called regenerative grazing the “clean coal of meat” in a recent report. That hasn’t gone over well amongst carbon ranchers.

What to Cook in a Changing Climate

By Sam Sifton Illustration: Cari Vander Yacht/The New York Times
This week, the Food desk of The Times combined forces with colleagues on the Climate desk to find out, and to explore the thorny issues surrounding cooking in a changing climate.

Would eating insects save us from climate change?

By Camellia Williams Photo: SatyaPrem/pixabay
From a climate perspective, eating insects might be better than eating meat, but would you eat them? In the West, eating insects is still seen as a novelty, despite the number of start-ups hoping to tempt us…

Earth Hour Climate-Friendly Recipes

In support of Earth Hour, celebrity chefs including Raymond Blanc and Hugh-Fearnley Whittingstall have shared some climate-friendly recipes for you to try your hand at!

Dan Barber: ’20 years from now you’ll be eating fast food crickets’

By Emma Brockes Photo: Ali Smith/The Guardian
In the latest from our series on biodiversity, the Blue Hill chef says we’ve got sustainable agriculture wrong. It’s not a question of sacrifice, but deliciousness