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New noaa climate projections forecast increase in southern new england flooding

By Frank Carini

The climate crisis has taken root. The United Nations’ latest climate report explains how deep this worldwide problem is embedded.
Closer to home, another report published last month is equally alarming, for the present and future of southern New England. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s 2022 Sea Level Rise Technical Report warns that the United States will see as much sea-level rise, about a foot, in the next three decades as it did during the entire previous century.


Republicans threaten EPA authority via SCOTUS while UN warns against inaction

By Senator Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.)

U.N. report finds nations not acting fast enough to protect populations from current and future climate threats, as the Supreme Court takes up case that threatens the EPA’s authority to regulate pollution


The Old Man and the Tree

By Jonny Diamond Photo: David Degner

I meet Bob Leverett in a small gravel parking lot at the end of a quiet residential road in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. We are at the Ice Glen trailhead, half a mile from a Mobil station, and Leverett, along with his wife, Monica Jakuc Leverett, is going to show me one of New England’s rare pockets of old-growth forest.


Mass Audubon gets $200,000 in ARPA money to help repair damage to Pleasant Valley after microburst windstorm

By Clarence Fanto

After a devastating microburst windstorm in July, ongoing restoration at Mass Audubon’s Pleasant Valley Wildlife Sanctuary has received a $200,000 boost from ARPA, the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan Act approved by Congress and signed by President Joe Biden in March.


Great white sharks have been a major focus along Cape Cod. More tiger sharks could be coming soon because of climate change

By Rick Sobey Photo: Bianca Rangel

Move over, great white sharks. A new apex predator could be patrolling the Cape soon, as tiger sharks migrate farther north each year because of climate change and warmer oceans.


Mass., New England seen as a kind of ground zero in climate fight

Photo: David L. Ryan

Re “A changing New England warming faster” (Page A1, Dec. 31): Northeasterners know the frigid chill they feel in the morning air in January. Although we complain about the cold, the changing seasons are a defining feature of the region that many of us wouldn’t change. Unfortunately, according to a new study, New England is experiencing the warming effects of climate change faster than anywhere else.


Massachusetts Is Getting Over $1 Billion To Improve Highway Bridges In Poor And Fair Condition

By CBS Boston Staff

More than $1 billion in federal funding will flow into Massachusetts over the next five years to upgrade thousands of highway bridges across the state that are in need of improvements.


Moving From One Energy Source To Another, Massachusetts Coast Will Prioritize Wind And Fishing Industries To Survive

By Joyce Doherty

The South Coast has powered Massachusetts for what seems like forever. While the whaling port was not developed until the mid-17th century, the height of the industry attracted people from all over, for a job whose only pre-existing requirement was facing the largest mammal on the planet.


Last year was the third-warmest on record in Massachusetts

By Paul Tuthill

Massachusetts had its third-warmest and ninth-wettest year on record. All other Northeast states landed in the top five when it came to highest average annual temperature, according to the Climate System Research Center at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.


2021 was Massachusetts’ third-warmest year since 1895

By Danny Jin

In Western Massachusetts, the average temperature in 2021 was the second warmest on record, according to data from the National Centers for Environmental Information and the Northeast Regional Climate Center.