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A Fight Over Nantucket’s Bluff Pits Neighbor Against Neighbor

By Penelope Green Photo: Vanessa Leroy, The New York Times

Houses along Baxter Road on the island of Nantucket have always been precarious real estate: property at the edge of the world with a built-in expiration date.
Baxter runs parallel to Sconset Bluff, a stunning sand escarpment on the easternmost point of the Massachusetts island — the boomerang-shaped wedge of sand and clay 30 miles south of Cape Cod. Some say that when a developer carved the area into lots, he anticipated the inevitable when he made each parcel a double lot bisected by the road, giving owners a place to retreat from the encroaching sea. Climate change has only made the place more


‘We need rain’: Drought threatens the very foundation of some Boston buildings

By Sabrina Shankman and Daniel Koo Photo: Essica Rinaldi/globe Staff

In the mid-19th century, as architects and builders erected many of the neighborhoods and landmarks that now define Boston, they leaned on a European practice of driving wood pilings deep into the ground and building up from there. Saturated by groundwater, those pilings could stay strong for centuries — as long as they remained submerged.


Chinatown sees flood of new business after rough sailing during Covid

By Jeff Jeffrey

The area of southwest Houston that is home to the second-largest Indochinese population in the United States was devastated by the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic and the ensuing economic hardships left in its wake. But things are looking up.


National Grid RFI finds ample renewable gas, green hydrogen available in New York, Massachusetts

By Robert Walton Photo: Darigold

National Grid on Tuesday announced it had located “robust stocks” of renewable natural gas and green hydrogen via a recent request for information, enough to meet its needs in New York and Massachusetts through 2025. The utility is planning for a 100% “fossil-free” gas network by 2050.


Massachusetts climate bill heads to Gov. Baker’s desk after last-minute Senate, House approval

By Robert Walton Photo: Tony Fischer, Flickr

The Massachusetts Legislature on Sunday approved climate legislation that requires all new vehicle sales in the state be zero emission beginning in 2035, reduces the state’s dependence on natural gas and calls for a study on medium- and long-duration energy storage systems. The bill was passed by the state Senate and House of Representatives on Sunday, the last day the legislature was authorized to meet in the formal session, meaning lawmakers cannot override a potential veto by Republican Gov. Charlie Baker.


In Boston’s hottest neighborhood, heat waves exact a cost, in the wallet and on the nerves

By Kate Selig Barry Chin, Globe Staff

On her way home through the swelter of Chinatown this past week, Laiying Yan carried her only defense against the heat, a bucket of ice.
She is over 70 now and keeps a catalog of the symptoms of heat exhaustion in her head, just to be on the lookout. Already on this day, she had worked 11 hours cooking in an un-air-conditioned restaurant kitchen. Ahead was a night in the stifling brick tenement where she lives.


Massachusetts passes ‘landmark’ climate bill to decarbonize multiple sectors, add 5.6 GW offshore wind

By Lulia Gheorghiu

The Massachusetts legislature on Thursday passed a climate bill widely supported by environmental and clean energy advocates, with measures for expanding offshore wind energy and energy efficiency as well as curbing transportation emissions.


Study finds 2,800 Massachusetts deaths in 2019 connected to air pollution

By Kate Selig Photo: Carlin Stiehl, The Boston Globe

In Massachusetts, no community — from the Berkshires to Boston — is spared the lethal consequences of air pollution, according to a new study from researchers at Boston College.
The researchers estimated that about 2,800 people in Massachusetts died of conditions attributable to air pollution in 2019, and in a first-of-its-kind analysis, they broke down that number for each of the state’s 351 cities and towns. Their findings are available in a searchable public map.


What to know about Mass.’ new 2025, 2030 ‘Clean Energy and Climate Plan’

By Miriam Wasser Photo: Robin Lubbock , WBUR

Decarbonizing the Massachusetts economy is no easy task. It involves dozens of programs, policies and other moving parts that must be deployed simultaneously. As mandated in the state’s 2021 climate law, the Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs has spent the last year crunching numbers and looking at best practices to come up with a plan to cut emissions.


How a little-known center in Woods Hole became a hub for climate research and policy.

By Sam Moore Photo: Sam Moore

That man is George Woodwell, and since 1985, the center he founded has been deeply involved in climate research and policy at home and abroad. Today, it employs nearly 100 scientists and staff, whose work on everything from permafrost to wildfires is shaping our understanding of the world we live in — and what we’re doing to it.