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How broadcast TV networks covered climate change in 2021

By Ted Macdonald Photo: Melissa Joskow , Media Matters

2021 was a stand-out year for climate coverage on corporate broadcast TV networks. In our annual analysis of climate coverage, Media Matters found that approximately 1,316 minutes — nearly 22 hours — were spent discussing climate change on morning, evening, and Sunday morning news shows on ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox Broadcasting Co., more than a threefold increase from 2020. However, all those hours of climate coverage on corporate broadcast TV networks represented roughly 1% of overall news programming in 2021, a figure that is still far too small in the face of a worsening climate crisis.


AP announces sweeping climate journalism initiative

Press Release: The Associated Press Photo: AP Photo/Salvatore Allegra

The Associated Press announced today it will significantly expand its climate coverage, creating a standalone desk that will enhance the global understanding of climate change and its impact across the world.


Into the Red: How the Globe will cover climate change

By Steven Wilmsen Photo: Ryan Huddle

his is how long we have ignored warnings of a coming crisis:

It’s been more than half a century since a presidential panel under Lyndon Johnson found that fossil fuel emissions could be warming the earth.

It’s been 40 years since the National Academies of Sciences published a massive landmark study with similar conclusions.


Climate change news coverage reached all-time high, language to describe it shifting

By Kelsey Simpkins

United States news coverage of climate change reached an all-time high in October and November, according to recent data from the Media and Climate Change Observatory (MeCCO), an international, multi-university collaboration based at the University of Colorado Boulder.


National TV news keeps ignoring the human costs of extreme weather events

By Evlondo Cooper Photo: Brandon Bell/Getty Images

I’m writing this from New Orleans a little more than a month after Hurricane Ida devastated Southeast Louisiana—after most national TV crews have long since packed up and left. A blue tarp lies atop my parents’ roof, flapping in the occasional sticky breeze. Aside from some cosmetic damage, their home is okay. They’re some of the lucky or blessed ones. Too many others have lost homes and livelihoods and direction; there is a palpable sense of exhaustion in the air.


Critics blast Facebook pledge to curb climate change misinformation

By David Knowles Photo: Yahoo News; photos via Facebook

Facebook’s latest pledge to curb climate change disinformation on its platform is getting a skeptical reception from activists and industry watchdogs.


Bill Gates Backs Climate News Outlet ‘Cipher’

By Michael d'Estries Photo: Getty Images

In his review of Bill Gates’ February 2021 book “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster,” environmental activist Bill McKibben praised the billionaire and Microsoft co-founder for his “affection for his home planet,” but poor interpretation of “the deeper and more critical aspects of the global warming dilemma.”


Late-Night Shows Are Teaming Up to Tackle Climate Change

By Dave Itzkoff Photo: TBS

Climate change may not be the easiest subject to laugh about, but a group of late-night hosts are teaming up in hopes of raising awareness about the issue and even finding some humor in it.


Why TV Is So Bad at Covering Climate Change

By Molly Taft Photo: PBS NewsHour

On Saturday, Katharine Hayhoe, a climate scientist at Texas Tech University, tweeted that she’d be appearing on CNN to talk to Fareed Zakaria about the record-breaking heat wave gripping the West. The next day, she announced her segment had been cut. “Bumped, due to billionaire going to space,” she wrote.


Media reaction: Pacific north-west ‘heat dome’ and the role of climate change

By Ayesha Tandon and Giuliana Viglione Photo: Sipa US / Alamy Stock Photo

Less than two weeks after record-breaking temperatures forced California into a state of emergency, a severe heatwave has swept over northwestern US and Canada, shattering records across the region…