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Under climate emergency, Bangor will take new steps to address climate change

By Chloe Teboe

 The city of Bangor will begin taking new steps to address climate change. That decision comes after months of encouragement by young, local activists calling on their city councilors to make a difference.


‘Run The Oil Industry In Reverse’: Fighting Climate Change By Farming Kelp

By Fred Bever Photo by Fred Bever

In the race to stall or even reverse global warming, new efforts are in the works to pull carbon dioxide out of the air and put it somewhere safe. One startup in Maine has a vision that is drawing attention from scientists and venture capitalists alike: to bury massive amounts of seaweed at the bottom of the ocean, where it will lock away carbon for thousands of years.


Costly power grid upgrade to boost renewables will test Maine’s commitment

By Tux Turkel

Maine’s ambitious goal of cutting carbon out of its economy by the mid-21st century is facing a harsh reality: The network of wires and substations built to feed power from central generating stations to homes and businesses isn’t up to the job of handling the two-way, intermittent flow of energy from solar and wind farms to electric vehicles, heat pumps and giant storage batteries.


Panel of Maine experts meet to discuss climate change


A panel made up of experts from across Maine met for the first time on Friday to talk about climate change.


Driving toward renewable energy

By Galen Weibley

A new spark towards lowering carbon emissions and encouraging renewable sources of energy is alive and well in Presque Isle. The area has received two proposed solar electric generation facility projects in 2020 that plan on generating millions in new investment and supplying over 9 megawatts (MW) of power to our local energy grid.


Midcoasters say $90M natural gas line expansion isn’t aligned with state climate change plan

By Lauren Abbate Photo by Nick Sambides Junior

A proposal from Summit Natural Gas of Maine to expand service to the midcoast faces criticism from those who say the project is a step back for the state in its goal toward a clean-energy future.


A Maine Startup Wants To Pull Carbon Out Of The Atmosphere Using Kelp

By Fred Bever
A Maine startup is drawing high-profile support for its low-tech plan to address climate change. It wants to use kelp farms to capture carbon, then bury it for millennia at the bottom of the sea.

When There’s No Heat: ‘You Need Wood, You Get Wood’

By Marguerite Holloway Photos by George Etheredge

The cluster of a dozen or so houses in rural Maine could be a summer camp closed for the winter. The compound has an eclectic, informal feel, with colorful hand-painted signs and stained glass, pottery, and woodworking studios. It was quiet on a bright, cold winter morning. Except for the line outside the food pantry, and the cars pulling in to leave small passengers at child care.


Climate change talk to focus on creating coastal resiliency

By Michael Kelly Photo by Rick Frantz

Casco Baykeeper Ivy Frignoca and marine geologist Peter Slovinsky will hold a public conversation on how coastal communities can be more resilient to climate change.


Maine Aquaculture supporting lobster industry battle

Today, Maine is home to some of our nation’s last true working waterfronts. Our fishing heritage is part of what makes our state such a unique, beautiful, innovative, and sustaining place. Local families have relied on access to our abundant marine resources for generations, and our country depends on the food we supply. But in the midst of a global pandemic, with the ever-present threats of climate change, gentrification, and unpredictable regulatory changes, Maine’s working waterfronts and our marine industries are in danger of becoming extinct.