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Fumes in South Portland

Fuzzy Math: How Do You Calculate Emissions From a Storage Tank When The Numbers Don’t Add Up?


The Gulf of Maine is warming, and its whales are disappearing

By Lulu Garcia-Navarro, Peter Breslow and Avery Ellfeldt Photo: Andrew Caballero-Reynolds/Getty Images

Waters off the coast of Maine are warming faster than 99 percent of the world's oceans. That's forcing whales northward in pursuit of prey, threatening some of their already dwindling populations….


Rep. Golden holds roundtable on ending lead crisis in Maine

U.S. Rep. Jared Golden, who recently announced a bill meant to eliminate major sources of lead exposure nationwide within five years, held a roundtable discussion….


What rising temperatures in the Gulf of Maine mean for the state’s lobster industry

The Gulf of Maine is known for lobsters, which form the foundation of an industry critical to the state’s economy. Due to climate change, the waters off southern New England have become too warm for the temperature-sensitive crustaceans, leaving Maine as the “sweet spot” for fishing them. But the Gulf’s own…


Could the Climate Crisis Spell the End for Maine Lobster?

By Nicole Greenfield Kristan Porter grew up in a fishing family in the fishing community of Cutler, Maine, where he says all roads lead to one…


Former Maine landfills finding new life with solar development

By Maureen Milliken

The former landfill in Waterville at first glance would be a perfect development site — 130 acres next to Interstate 95, near the airport and close to the Oakland and Sidney lines.


Governor Mills Signs Major Renewable Energy and Climate Change Bills Into Law

By State of Maine

Signed legislation establishes in law and will help achieve Governor’s goals of 80 percent renewable energy by 2030 and emissions reductions of 80 percent by 2050.


Mills signs wind bill, announces plans to advance offshore energy

By Tux Turkel

Stalled efforts to test a floating wind farm off the Maine coast got back on track Wednesday after Gov. Janet Mills signed legislation directing the Public Utilities Commission to approve the contract for Maine Aqua Ventus, a first-of-its-kind wind project in the United States.


Maine and Vermont governors sign plastic bag bans on same day

By Cole Rosengren

Maine Gov. Janet Mills signed a bill Monday (LD 1532) that will ban single-use plastic bags across the state by April 22, 2020. Reusable plastic and paper bags will be permitted for at least $0.05 per bag. Shortly after, Vermont Gov. Phil Scott signed a bill (S.113) that will ban single-use plastic bags by July 1, 2020 and require a fee of at least $0.10 for paper bags. Reusable bags will be encouraged as an alternative.


Governor Mills Signs Bill Promoting Energy Efficient Heat Pumps in Maine

“I want to congratulate Gov. Mills for her strong leadership on this issue. Gov. Mills’ initiative reduces carbon emissions, promotes good-paying energy jobs, and helps low-income and elderly Mainers stay warm in their homes. I was glad to sponsor this bill, and I’m glad to see this bill signed into law,” said Sen. Mark Lawrence, chair of the Legislature’s Energy, Utilities and Technology Committee.