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‘At a crossroads’: Maine farmers call for Congress to act on climate change

By Evan Popp

With a large portion of Maine currently in moderate or severe drought, climate change is a front-of-the-line issue for Stacy Brenner and other farmers around the state. That’s why Brenner, an organic farmer from Scarborough running for the Senate District 30 seat as a Democrat, was one of 135 Maine farmers who recently signed a letter urging action on climate change that was delivered to the U.S. House Select Committee.


How Climate Change is Impacting Maine’s Forests & Industries that Depend on Them

By Melanie Sturm

Research compiled by scientists at the University of Maine (UMaine) and the Maine Climate Council’s Scientific and Technical Committee makes clear that Maine’s beloved forests will likely look different in the future. Your kids and grandkids may find maple syrup, holiday trees, and powder days harder to come by when they’re grown.


A new price tag could change how Maine looks at mitigating climate change

By Caitlin Andrews, Michael Shepherd and Jessica Piper Photo by Robert F. Bukaty

s Maine tries to determine its energy future, a price tag on inaction may shape talks going forward. A long-awaited report from the Eastern Research Group and Synapse Energy Economics released on Wednesday takes a detailed look at who is most vulnerable to climate change and the cost of mitigating those efforts as tentatively proposed by the Maine Climate Council convened by Gov. Janet Mills, a Democrat.


Climate change, a deadly crisis, accelerates amid pandemic

Photo by Gregory Rec

We are facing two crises. Both are deadly. Both are worldwide. Beware, this is not a feel-good story. On the climate side, the extreme heat and lightning-lit wildfires in California and the unusually numerous Atlantic hurricanes are starters. Events such as these create multi-billion dollar bills for the nation to pay.


Maine Supreme Court Rules Referendum on New England Clean Energy Connect Unconstitutional

ORANGE, Conn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today the Maine Supreme Court issued a ruling that found the proposed citizen’s initiative on the New England Clean Energy Connect (NECEC) unconstitutional. The NECEC is a renewable energy project being built by AVANGRID (NYSE: AGR) to bring hydropower from Quebec to Maine and other parts of New England. Opponents had proposed a referendum to block the project.


Maine climate goals will require ‘power sector transformation’, group says

By David Thill Photo: Kaya / Flickr / Creative Commons

A committee studying the energy sector recently shared five recommendations for meeting the state’s climate goals.


Maine pushes forward on electric vehicle charging during pandemic

David Thill Photo: Jimmy Emerson / Flickr / Creative Commons

Though COVID-19 has slowed tourism, the state’s effort is continuing: “This infrastructure is going to be needed for decades to come.”


From Sea To Sweetgreen | Presented by Sweetgreen

Meet Atlantic Sea Farms, the first commercial kelp farm in the United States, as they partner with sweetgreen to bring this underwater superfood to your table.