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Climate change affecting Maine waters is bad for fish and anglers alike

By Bob Mallard Photo: Emily Bastian

At the end of September, when most waters I fish in Maine closed to fishing for the season, it was apparent that what I had just seen was no fluke. In fact, it now appears to be a clear and undeniable trend.


How New England bungled its plan to transition to renewable energy

By Aliya Uteuova Photo: Robert F Bukaty , AP

Decarbonization should be a slam dunk, especially in progressive states. But a recent fight over hydropower shows states must listen carefully to voters first


Maine farmers concerned about solar developers using up ‘prime’ farming land

By Talia Clarke

Carl Wilcox, who owns Intervale Farm in New Gloucester, says he has received more than a dozen offers from solar developers to build on his property but has declined them all. Wilcox isn’t against solar power — he has solar panels on his barn — but says his land is more valuable without solar panels on it should he ever sell it.


How you can prepare your homestead as the weather becomes more extreme

By Sam Schipani Photo: Gabor Degre , BDN

Climate change has affected Maine’s growers in many ways, from warming temperatures potentially shifting the state’s growing zones to a lack of available water compromising wild blueberry crops.


For Christmases yet to come, climate change threatens Maine’s beloved evergreens

By Jennifer Mitchell Photo: Jennifer Mitchell , Maine Public Radio

Since the 1800s in Maine, the Christmas tree has been an essential point of light for many in the darkest month of the year. But scientists say that some of the state’s best-loved conifers are under threat, with extreme weather making it difficult for them to grow.


Adapting to a shortening winter, Maine ski areas are increasingly turning to snow making

By Fred Bever Photo: Robert F. Bukaty , AP File

Winter is losing ground in Maine, and as warming continues it will pose new challenges for the state’s winter recreation economy.


Maine’s sparrows are being wiped out by mercury and climate change

By Sam Schipani Photo: Brian Harris , US Fish and Wildlife Service

Tidal marsh songbird offspring are less likely to survive long enough to leave the nest when the mother bird has high levels of mercury in its blood, according to new research from the University of Maine. Even so, the birds, which have already seen extreme declines over the past two decades, are more sensitive to sea level rise.


$7M solar farm in Caribou will power six commercial customers in Maine

By Associated Press

A $7 million solar farm in Caribou, Maine will power six large commercial customers in the state, following a statewide initiative to develop renewable energy projects in the last three years.


Groups urge bigger targets, more equity as RGGI states consider changes

By Lisa Prevost

As the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, known as RGGI, undergoes a thorough review by participating states, environmental advocates are demanding more ambitious emission reduction targets and a mandate for equitable distribution of the revenues.


Clam industry growing as climate change warms Gulf of Maine

By Associated Press

The Bangor Daily News reports northern quahogs are among the state’s fisheries that have seen increased harvest volumes and values over the past decade.