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Inside Poland Spring’s Hidden Attack on Water Rules It Didn’t Like

By Hiroko Tabuchi

When Maine lawmakers tried to rein in large-scale access to the state’s freshwater this year, the effort initially gained momentum. The state had just emerged from drought, and many Mainers were sympathetic to protecting their snow-fed lakes and streams.


Future of Maine’s natural wildlife at risk because of climate change

By Jason Nappi

Many people know our state for its natural beauty and the animals that call it home, but concerns about the future of those homes are growing.


Climate change is helping invasive plants spread through Maine’s waterways

By Charlie Eichacker

It’s a chilly morning in Winthrop. But that’s not stopping a group of divers that’s taken a motor boat to the center of Cobbossee Lake, a nine-mile stretch of water just outside Augusta.


How Maine Became the Heat Pump Capital of the US

By Todd Woody

Best known for its scenic lighthouses and fresh lobster, Maine can now make another claim to fame: It’s installing energy-efficient electric heat pumps and heat pump water heaters at a pace unmatched by any other US state.


A battle rages in Maine over an election that some say could change the course of climate action

By Sabrina Shankman and Aruni Soni

It’s noon on a Sunday, so Lucy Hochschartner is where she often is these days: hoofing around Portland’s winding neighborhoods, knocking on doors.

With her blond ponytail swinging behind her and armed with an iPhone list of likely voters, Hochschartner asks residents: “What’s your relationship like with your utility?”


After Lee’s Landfall, Thousands Are Without Power in U.S. and Canada

By Jenna Russell and Meagan Campbell

The storm known as Lee, still a dangerous post-tropical cyclone, made landfall in Canada Saturday, packing powerful winds in Nova Scotia and in coastal Maine that toppled trees, killing at least one person and knocking out power to tens of thousands of people.


Maine lobstermen are getting into the seaweed business as climate change threatens the catch

By Diana Olick

Lobsters have long been a staple of the Maine economy, worth roughly $388 million last year alone, but climate change is putting the catch at risk. Now lobstermen and women, along with local entrepreneurs, are turning to a new and potentially even more lucrative staple: Seaweed.


Maine’s puffin colonies recovering in the face of climate change

By Patrick Whittle

Atlantic puffins — clownish seabirds with colorful bills and waddling gaits — had their second consecutive rebound year for fledging chicks after suffering a catastrophic 2021, said scientists who monitor the birds. The news flies in the face of environmental trends, as scientists have said warming waters off New England jeopardize the birds because that reduces the kind of fish they need to feed their chicks.


Whether it’s art, science or math, a new Maine climate change website gives teachers ideas

By Susan Cover

High school science teacher Melissa Luetje started focusing more intently on climate change education about five years ago.


New tools to teach climate change in Maine schools

By Annie Ropeik

In English, you learn about the difference between facts and opinions and practice these media literacy skills on statements about climate science and policy. Or you might analyze a poem about climate change — like Amanda Gorman’s Earthrise — and take inspiration to write your own. In math class, you calculate peak sun hours for solar panels as part of an ongoing renewable energy algebra unit.