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Old Town landfill could turn its gassy emissions into a renewable energy source

By Sawyer Loftus Photo: Linda Coan O'Kresik , BDN

A Pennsylvania company is working to build a facility that would turn the methane released by decomposing trash at the Juniper Ridge Landfill in Old Town into pipeline-quality natural gas.


Maine utility reaches deal over solar power expansion

By Christian Wade Photo: Robert F Bukaty , AP Photo

Central Maine Power, the state’s largest utility, has reached an agreement with solar power companies over the expansion of the industry in the state.


Climate change could end Maine’s lobster boom, some fear

By Brooks Hays Photo: Christopher Bartlett , Maine Sea Grant

Among the deep underwater valleys off Maine’s craggy, crooked coast crawls one of the must lucrative species in American waters — Homarus americanus, the American lobster.


Green building practices in Maine and how they help plan to combat climate change

One element of Maine’s climate action plan is to transform buildings and homes throughout the state so that they are more environmentally friendly, energy-efficient and sustainable. We’ll learn what “green building” entails, and what efforts are happening in Maine to make communities more socially responsible and ready for the future.


Getting ready: What York’s community survey on climate change revealed

By Susan Glick Photo: Drew Sheneman

Many of us know that the Town of York is preparing a Climate Action Plan (CAP) to protect our homes, businesses, community and natural world as we find ways to adapt to or prevent the effects of our warming climate.


As Maine’s climate changes, scallop farming offers optimism

By Hannah Laclaire Photo: Carl D. Walsh , Staff Photographer

As rapidly warming oceans continue to drive Maine lobster into more remote waters, some in the state’s fishing industry regard sea scallop farming as the prime candidate to help bring added stability to the industry and offset anticipated revenue losses.


Climate change affecting Maine waters is bad for fish and anglers alike

By Bob Mallard Photo: Emily Bastian

At the end of September, when most waters I fish in Maine closed to fishing for the season, it was apparent that what I had just seen was no fluke. In fact, it now appears to be a clear and undeniable trend.


How New England bungled its plan to transition to renewable energy

By Aliya Uteuova Photo: Robert F Bukaty , AP

Decarbonization should be a slam dunk, especially in progressive states. But a recent fight over hydropower shows states must listen carefully to voters first


Maine farmers concerned about solar developers using up ‘prime’ farming land

By Talia Clarke

Carl Wilcox, who owns Intervale Farm in New Gloucester, says he has received more than a dozen offers from solar developers to build on his property but has declined them all. Wilcox isn’t against solar power — he has solar panels on his barn — but says his land is more valuable without solar panels on it should he ever sell it.


How you can prepare your homestead as the weather becomes more extreme

By Sam Schipani Photo: Gabor Degre , BDN

Climate change has affected Maine’s growers in many ways, from warming temperatures potentially shifting the state’s growing zones to a lack of available water compromising wild blueberry crops.