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In Maine, coalition works to make sure organized labor has role in offshore wind

By Sarah Shemkus

A group of environmental and labor organizations want a state offshore wind advisory committee in its final plan to include more specific language recommending project labor and labor peace agreements.
In Maine, coalition works to make sure…


This Maine home can stay 70 degrees without a furnace, even when it’s freezing outside

By Keith Shortall

What if you could design a house that on a cold day in January would stay at 70 degrees inside — without running the furnace? Or even having a furnace?
It’s already being done.
In fact, what’s known as the Passivhaus concept came to the United States in 2006, and is being used to construct buildings throughout the U.S.


Maine Public Utilities Commission approves lower rates for heat pumps and EVs

By Murray Carpenter

The Maine Public Utilities Commission this week approved lower rates for some CMP and Versant Power customers.
Driven by legislation, the rates are designed to help residential and business customers save money through the efficient use of electrification. The rates will apply to Mainers charging electric vehicles, using heat pumps, or charging batteries at off-peak hours.


Study: Maine is a leader in New England when it comes to preparing for climate change

By Lisa Prevost

A report by the Union of Concerned Scientists and fellows at the University of New Hampshire Sustainability Institute shows New England states as a whole are failing to include vulnerable residents in decision making.
Study: Maine is…


States test an electrifying idea: roads that can recharge your EV

By Jenni Bergal

On two short stretches of road near downtown Detroit, Michigan transportation officials hope to make history. Over the next two years, they plan to embed technology in the pavement that can charge electric vehicles while they’re being driven.


Maine advances $1.8B of projects to bolster clean energy

By Miranda Willson

The Maine Public Utilities Commission approved a proposed wind farm and long-distance power line in Aroostook County in northern Maine.


Midcoast offshore wind project could help power Maine

By Don Carrigan

Chris Wissman sat on the Portland waterfront on a foggy morning, sounding both impressed and optimistic about building the country’s first floating offshore wind turbine off the coast of Maine.
“Put this next to the Empire State Building — its two-thirds the height of the Empire State Building,” Wissman said.


The Gulf of Maine is simmering, but its lobsters seem fine — for now

By Zac Rosenthall and Others

Many tourists visiting coastal Maine may at some point purchase a lobster roll, with big chunks of lobster meat, a dash of mayo and a bag of potato chips on the side. But as summers become hotter and sea temperatures rise in the Gulf of Maine, there’s concern that warmer waters will cause the cold water crustacean to move elsewhere, making it harder to satisfy lobster cravings for the region’s tourists.


DEP says Maine is ahead of schedule to meet climate change goal

By Randy Billings

Maine has surpassed its medium-term goal for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, positioning the state to become carbon neutral by 2045, the Maine Department of Environmental Protection said in a report issued Thursday.


This Maine farm converts truckloads of food waste to electricity. It still could be taking more

By Charlie Eichacker and Esta Pratt-Kielley

Open a garbage can in a Maine home, and you’re likely to find some icky surprises: banana peels, coffee grounds, moldy bagels, chunks of chicken.
Uneaten food makes up almost 30% of what Mainers throw out every day. Besides stinking up the trash, that’s a big problem for the planet. Landfilled food releases methane, a harmful greenhouse gas that significantly contributes to global warming. That’s on top of the energy and resources already spent to grow or raise it.