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Lake Charles starts program for 2020 hurricane home repairs

Registration has started for a new program to help low- and moderate-income Lake Charles residents fix 2020 hurricane damage to their homes, and Mayor Nic Hunter says he expects it to fill up fast.


Serious fire threat in Plains on Tuesday with severe storms to the east

By Matthew Cappucci

It’s almost peak tornado season, and March is going out the same way it came in — like a lion. A multiday stretch of strong-to-severe thunderstorms is set to kick off Tuesday, bringing turbulent weather to the eastern Great Plains before a more substantial episode of damaging winds and tornadoes ensues Wednesday over parts of the Deep South.


Chevron and Restore the Earth Foundation Agree to Collaborate on Carbon Offsets Reforestation Project in Louisiana

The project will bring together Chevron and Restore the Earth Foundation to develop a nature-based solution, which is expected to remove carbon from the atmosphere and be focused on reforesting natural cypress forests and swamps in St. Charles Parish. Chevron will provide funding for Restore the Earth to plant an expected 1.7 million native bald cypress seedlings as part of the project.


Powerful tornadoes are relatively rare in the New Orleans area. Is global warming changing that?

By Dina Voyles Pulver

The powerful tornado that claimed one life and caused widespread damage as it roared through the New Orleans area Tuesday was one of the region’s strongest in history and one of more than 100 to strike in the past four decades.


‘A generational opportunity’: State climate task force sets eyes on federal money

By Claire Sullivan

The governor’s Climate Initiatives Task Force met Wednesday for the first time since unanimously passing a climate action plan in January, the first of its kind in the Gulf South.


Equilibrium/Sustainability — Climate change could ruin Southern Louisiana

By Sharon Udasin and Saul Elbein Photo: Dave Martin , AP

Today is Wednesday. Welcome to Equilibrium, a newsletter that tracks the growing global battle over the future of sustainability. Subscribe here:


Climate change poses existential threat to south Louisiana: U.N. report

By Mark Schleifstein

Climate change poses an existential threat to south Louisiana during the next half-century, promising to deliver human suffering, force a northward migration, and disrupt both the state’s economy and its infrastructure, according to a number of scientists familiar with the latest UN climate science report.


Climate change could prove more deadly in Louisiana without immediate action, report says

By Halle Parker Photo: Kezia Setyawan , WWNO

Life in Louisiana will only get wetter, hotter and more humid in the coming decades, according to the latest international warning on climate change. And the extreme weather will be more than just uncomfortable — it will be deadly, and already is.


U.S. senator blocks Biden EPA nominees over carbon capture

By Timothy Gardner Photo: Rod Lamkey/Pool via

A Republican U.S. senator said on Wednesday he is blocking President Joe Biden's nominees for environmental regulatory positions in a bid to win permission for his state to regulate storage of the primary gas blamed for climate change.


Louisiana Approves First Climate Action Plan in the Gulf South

Gov. John Bel Edwards’ Climate Initiatives Task Force today unanimously approved the state’s first ever Climate Action Plan. Louisiana’s Plan contains a balanced set of recommendations to limit the severity of climate change while positioning the state to maintain its economic competitiveness in a low-carbon future. The science-based plan achieves the Governor’s goals of reaching net zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2050, putting the state in line with pledges made under the Paris Agreement, and by the federal government, 25 other states, and hundreds of companies in the private sector.