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Conservation dollars funding CAFOs instead of soil health

Federal conservation programs are supposed to support farmers who use practices that improve water quality, build soil health, and preserve and restore ecosystems. But a portion of the funding supports practices that some say fail…


Heat and drought are killing our forests

In many places, forests are no longer regenerating on their own. Some of the world’s most significant stands are instead transitioning to something new. Some will never be the same. Others may not come back…


‘Reservation worthy’ cattle operation expands tribal enterprise

Muscogee (Creek) Nation’s ranch and meat processing plant generate jobs and food security. Indigenous and Alaska Native producers generated an estimated $3.5 billion in agriculture sales in 2017, with three-fourths specializing in livestock production. …


New UN climate report urges food systems solutions—before it’s too late

The latest report from the IPCC notes that, while eliminating fossil fuels is the first priority, land- and diet-based solutions could provide a quarter of world’s urgently needed emissions cuts. …


Wolves returned to California. So did ‘crazy’ rumors.

For the past 10 years, wolves have been steadily returning to the state after being wiped out a century ago. But not everyone is rolling out the welcome mat. …


Utah bill would restrict regulation of animal industries

The legislation, which passed the state House on Tuesday, would shield factory farms and puppy mills from oversight. It could pass the state Senate by Friday. …