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LaGuardia Community College to launch offshore wind training

By Rachel Vick Photo: Paul Hoffman , Wikimedia Commons

LaGuardia Community College is preparing to support the next generation of green energy workers from Queens as part of New York State’s efforts to expand offshore wind production.


PSEG delivery charge up 4.5% starting this month

By Mark Harrington Photo: Newsday/Thomas A. Ferrara

Customers opening their PSEG Long Island bills this month will see 4.5% increases in their delivery rates and monthly service charges for 2022, even as LIPA says bills will be flat or lower overall for the year.


National Grid and Town of Hempstead to Develop One of the First Green Hydrogen Blending Projects in the Country

National Grid and the Town of Hempstead, today announced a joint project to build one of the first and largest clean hydrogen projects in the country, to decarbonize networks. The HyGrid Project located in Point Lookout on Long Island will blend green hydrogen into the existing distribution system to heat approximately 800 homes and fuel 10 municipal vehicles.


South Fork Wind wins federal OK, launching union jobs at ProvPort

By Mary Serreze Photo: Mary Serreze

The Ørsted/Eversource project will power New York homes, but the turbine foundations are being fabricated in Rhode Island.


Biden administration approves first offshore wind farm to supply power to New York

By Dino Grandoni Photo: Eric Thayer/Bloomberg

President Biden’s administration greenlit a major offshore wind project to supply power to New York, arriving as part of a broader push to build out renewable energy and tackle climate change.


Another Yes for South Fork Wind Farm

By Christopher Walsh

The South Fork Wind farm took another step toward fruition on Monday when the New York State Public Service Commission approved its developers’ environmental management and construction plan.


LIPA-PSEG Contract Draws Criticism

By Christopher Walsh Photo: Durell Godfrey

A Nov. 9 announcement that the Long Island Power Authority and the New York State Department of Public Service had agreed on a new management contract with PSEG Long Island came with reassuring words from LIPA officials but also continued criticism from government officials and activists.


LIPA customers could see 2.3% hike in delivery charge, says 2022 budget

By Mark Harrington Photo: Thomas A. Ferrara , Newsday

LIPA customers will see a 2.3% increase in the delivery charge portion of their bills next year, but the utility is projecting that lower usage and other factors could ultimately lead to bills that are lower than 2021’s.


After tornadoes, Long Island looks elsewhere for help with cleanup

By Keldi Ortiz and Rachelle Blidner Photo: Howard Schnapp

Damage from weekend tornadoes spurred Long Island leaders Monday to look beyond Nassau and Suffolk for help softening the likely financial blow.


Ready to Kelp: How the ‘Kelp Bill’ Unlocked a Potential Game Changer in the Climate Fight

By Scarlett Buckley

Kelp, a species of seaweed sometimes called “the rainforest of the sea,” could be a powerful weapon in the fight against climate change. Despite this, the commercial cultivation of kelp in Long Island, New York has long been illegal, until now.