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Rising panel costs hit solar power as electric-rate hikes boost appeal

By Mark Harrington

In recent weeks and months, a U.S. Commerce Department investigation has short-circuited a key supply source of solar panels from Asia, and one major supplier to the United States, LG Electronics, has exited the market, citing increased costs. The Commerce Department probe, looking at whether Chinese solar panel producers circumvented U.S. tariffs by shipping products through four other Southeast Asian countries, has reduced availability across the U.S. and led commercial solar firms to delay big projects.


New York lawmakers weigh a budget plan for a fully public Long Island electric utility

By Molly Ingram Photo: Chris Hunkeler , Flickr

The New York State Legislature included in its budget proposals a measure that would create a state committee that would explore restructuring the Long Island Power Authority.


L.I. contractors group opposes all-electric bill

By Tom Carrozza Photo: Tom Carrozza , Herald

A seismic shift in construction could be on the horizon for contractors throughout New York if state lawmakers pass the so-called “all-electric building” acts.


Suffolk announces $1 million for coastal resiliency projects

By Rachelle Blidner

Suffolk County officials announced Wednesday they will spend $1 million to plan coastal resiliency projects to counter the impact of stronger storms and increased flooding resulting from climate change.


More than 1,000 LED Streetlights Installed in Port Jefferson, New York

By Austin Tannenbaum

The nearly $2.4 million upgrade, implemented and financed by the Power Authority, saw more than 1,100 decorative and cobra head style street lights replaced throughout the village with energy-saving LED fixtures. Additionally, the village has installed SMART technology throughout their community to enhance public safety and manage the village more efficiently. As part of the project, the Power Authority replaced more than 700 additional interior and exterior lighting fixtures at village buildings and parks. NYPA provided Port Jefferson with $225,000 in SMART city funding grants to support the project, which began in October 2020.


Long Island’s Offshore Wind Farm Plans Take Root

By Timothy Bolger

After years of planning and debate, offshore wind farm developers recently took several big steps forward in a half dozen projects in various stages of development off the coast of Long Island.


Slipping Away: Homeowners, Officials Buy Time As Escalating Effects Of Climate Change Threaten East End

By Michelle Trauring

For centuries, the world has known one type of refugee: those who leave their homes behind due to war, violence, conflict or persecution, often risking their lives in the pursuit of safety. In recent years, the definition has unofficially expanded.


Offshore Wind Energy — Rich With Opportunity, For Oil Giants And Utilities Alike

By Ken Silverstein Photo: Newsday via Getty Images

Offshore wind energy is an untapped resource in the United States. But it is now being uplifted — the product of favorable policies by the Biden Administration and the desire by some producers to start building projects. To that end, the U.S. Department of Interior has Okayed New York’s first offshore wind farm — a project by Ørsted Offshore North America and Eversource Energy.


South Fork Wind Receives Final Approval from the U.S. Department of Interior to Start Construction on New York’s First Offshore Wind Farm

South Fork Wind, New York’s first offshore wind farm, has received approval of the project’s Construction and Operations Plan (COP) from the U.S. Department of the Interior’s Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM), which is the final decision needed from the agency to move the project toward the start of construction.


LaGuardia Community College to launch offshore wind training

By Rachel Vick Photo: Paul Hoffman , Wikimedia Commons

LaGuardia Community College is preparing to support the next generation of green energy workers from Queens as part of New York State’s efforts to expand offshore wind production.