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House panel broadens probe into climate disinformation by Big Oil

By Maxine Joselow Photo: Jacquelyn Martin/AP

The House Committee on Oversight and Reform has broadened its investigation into the role of fossil fuel companies in misleading the public about climate change, asking members of the boards of directors of ExxonMobil, BP, Chevron and Shell Oil to testify before Congress next month about their firms’ commitments to curbing global warming.


House committee schedules 2nd hearing on oil and gas industry’s role in climate disinformation

By Rene Marsh

The House Oversight Committee on Thursday issued its second round of appearance requests to the oil and gas industry in an investigation into the role it has played in the spread of climate disinformation. House Oversight Chairwoman Carolyn Maloney, a New York Democrat, and Subcommittee on the Environment Chairman Ro Khanna, a California Democrat, sent letters to board members of four major oil and gas companies — ExxonMobil, Shell, BP and Chevron — requesting their testimony at a hearing slated for February 8.


House Passes the Largest Expenditure on Climate in U.S. History

By Coral Davenport Photo: Sarahbeth Maney

The United States took a major step toward fighting climate change Friday with passage through the House of Representatives of a $2.2 trillion spending bill that includes the largest expenditures ever made by the federal government to slow global warming.


Democratic lawmakers create Electrification Caucus in Congress

By Dave Kovaleski

A group of Democratic lawmakers in Congress recently established the Electrification Caucus, which will work to advance policies to accelerate widespread electrification.


Biden to submit treaty fighting climate super-pollutants for Senate approval

By Dino Grandoni Photo: Evan Vucci/AP

Move on hydrofluorocarbons, which are hundreds of times as potent as carbon dioxide, comes just days after global climate talks wrapped up in Glasgow


Rep. Katie Porter Used Her Costco Haul to Embarrass Big Oil

By Brianna Provenzano Photo: Alex Wong / Staff (Getty Images)

Whenever a smart, powerful woman starts using literal grains of rice to illustrate her point, you know you done goofed. Big Oil companies found that out the hard way when, during a House Oversight Committee hearing on Thursday, Rep. Katie Porter whipped out 479 pounds (212 kilograms) of uncooked rice to illustrate how many vacant acres of public land are currently being leased by fossil fuel companies.


A House committee has been investigating the role fossil fuel companies have played in disseminating climate misinformation

By Nick Sobczyk Photo: Ting Shen Getty Images

House Oversight and Reform Chair Carolyn Maloney said yesterday that she intends to subpoena four major oil companies and two trade organizations for documents and communications as part of her committee’s investigation into climate misinformation.


Oil Executives Testify on Industry’s Role in Climate Disinformation

By Hiroko Tabuchi and Lisa Friedman Photo: Jacquelyn Martin/Associated Press

In a historic hearing, the leaders of some of the most powerful energy companies in the world are appearing before a House panel to face questioning on climate change.


Lawmakers launch investigation into climate crisis disinformation by fossil fuel industry

By Ella Nilsen

The House Oversight and Reform Committee announced Thursday it is launching an investigation into fossil fuel industry disinformation on the climate crisis. The committee invited the heads of six oil companies and major lobbying groups to testify in front of the committee next month.