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Clairton residents on the proposed U.S. Steel class action settlement: “It’s not enough.”

PITTSBURGH — The attorneys who brought a class action lawsuit against U.S. Steel on behalf of residents of Clairton, Pennsylvania, recently announced a proposed settlement—but some residents and community advocates don't feel justice is being…

After nearly a decade of anxiety over pensions, coal miners see light at the end of the tunnel

Union coal miners and retirees breathed a collective sigh of relief after the U.S. Senate passed a spending bill that includes support for miners' pensions, which had been at risk due to the coal industry's…

The murders of Indigenous activists in the Amazon continue to rise

The violence is centered largely in the state of Maranhão, in northeastern Brazil, where the Guajajara tribe has fiercely resisted illegal logging and the Bolsonaro administration's pro-industry agenda in the Amazon.

The disturbing link between environmental racism and criminalization

By Davis Pellow Photo: Mission de l'ONU au Mali
The United States of America has the largest prison system of any nation on Earth, the largest number of prisoners of any country, and one of the highest percentages of imprisoned persons of any nation.…

Bhopal nocturne

Last week, the 35th anniversary of the chemical industry's worst accident passed with little notice – and little opportunity for lessons learned.A factory producing methyl isocyanate (MIC), a precursor chemical for the pesticide Sevin, suffered…

What’s behind Native American health disparities?

In Duluth, Minnesota, researchers are working with the Ojibwe community to understand why American Indians living on and off reservations face massive health disparities.

From a young climate movement leader, a determined call for action

Xiye Bastida Patrick, a New York high school student, has become a key leader in the growing youth climate movement. She talks about why students are demanding action and how it's changing the climate conversation…