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A salty problem for people near the mouth of the Mississippi is a wakeup call for New Orleans

By Kevin MCGill and Stephen Smith

The heating element removed from Monique Plaisance’s water heater in September was disintegrating, streaked with rust and covered in a dry crust. She blamed the corrosion on the water piped in from the area’s longtime drinking water source: the Mississippi River.


Reprieve for New Orleans as salt water creeping up the Mississippi River slows its push inland

By Kevin MCGill

Salt water inching up the Mississippi River from the Gulf of Mexico is progressing more slowly than projected, authorities said Thursday, meaning water systems in the greater New Orleans area that draw drinking water from the river have additional weeks to prepare.


‘There won’t be anything left’: Florida teens battle county over plan to loosen wetland protections

By Richard Luscombe

Dozens of teenage environmental activists in Florida are battling a county commission over its plan to loosen protections for ecologically fragile wetlands and hasten the pace of development.


They Dredged the Mississippi River for Trade. Now a Water Crisis Looms

By Laura Bliss and Zahra Hirji

New Orleans is staring down a potential water crisis. A wedge of saltwater from the Gulf of Mexico is moving up the Mississippi River, and is expected to reach the Louisiana city’s main water supply intake by Oct. 28, according to a US Army Corps of Engineers forecast. If ambitious emergency measures don’t pan out as needed, the wedge could force nearly a million people to find alternative drinking water for weeks or even months.


Pepco to pay D.C. more than $57 million for Anacostia River pollution

By Justin Wm. Moyer

Pepco will pay more than $57 million to the District after the electric utility discharged toxic chemicals in the city for decades, polluting the Anacostia River and other areas.


NASA Became “Beaver Believers” After Using Satellites To Measure Their Impact On US Rivers

By Andy Corbley

NASA often brags about how innovation for space travel and exploration has provided the public with all sorts of downstream benefits, but they don’t typically mean that literally.


EPA bolsters states’ control of water, infrastructure permitting

By E.A. Crunden

The Biden administration is restoring significant state and tribal authority over water resources and expanding their leverage on infrastructure permitting decisions, including for pipelines.


Climate Change Hurting Water Quality in Rivers Worldwide, Study Finds

Bouts of intense rainfall and drought are hurting water quality in rivers around the globe, according to a sprawling new analysis.


Biden rule, heeding Supreme Court, could strip over half of U.S wetlands’ protections

By Allyson Chiu

The Environmental Protection Agency said Tuesday that it has revised a key rule to comply with a sweeping Supreme Court ruling from this year, which could strip federal protections from up to 63 percent of the nation’s wetlands.


More Than Half Of U.S. Wetlands Could Lose Protections As EPA Rolls Back Federal Rules

By Brian Bushard

More than half of the country’s wetlands could lose federal protections after the Environmental Protection Agency on Tuesday rolled back its definition of federal waters to comply with a momentous Supreme Court ruling in May—marking the latest blow to environmental regulations prompted by the high court…