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How to Talk With Kids About Climate Change [2022 Guide]

It may not be the “birds and the bees” talk you were anticipating having with your kids. But the truth is, the birds and bees are dying, and children aren’t oblivious to the adverse effects…


Rain clouds in a bottle

You’re mimicking the part of Earth’s water cycle in which evaporated water (water vapor) cools and condenses, forming clouds as they connect with dust.


Share a great story, poem or photo with the Junior Reporters’ Club

Submit your report below with your messages, photos and pictures. You might make it into the Junior Reporters’ Club pages in National Geographic Kids magazine.


Make it Rain

This simple science experiment teaches children about clouds and rain. It’s fun and only uses commonly found ingredients.


Reusable lunch bag

Did you know that the average kid ages 8 to 12 throws away about 67 pounds of lunch waste each year? That’s about the same weight as an average eight-year-old boy! So before you chow down, make sure your lunch is garbage-free. By packing only what you can eat, reuse, or recycle, you will reduce the amount of waste you contribute to landfills. Start creating a waste-free lunch by ditching the brown paper bag and making your own reusable lunch bag.