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What climate change means for Kentucky

Since Kentucky is an inland state, many people assume climate change is not a big concern. Nothing could be further from the truth. The United States Environmental Protection Agency issued an article stating key concerns for the state of Kentucky alone.


Sustainable Energy Solutions

Energy efficiency -Taking action to reduce energy use, including doing things as simple as replace traditional lightbulbs with CFL bulbs that use less energy. At a minimum, increasing energy efficiency could meet all of the growth in our energy demand project through 2017 while reducing energy bills for home and businesses.


Kentucky Green And Healthy Schools

Photo by Elizabeth McNulty

Through this program, a team of students, teachers, and school administrators (a “Green Team”) work together to improve the school facilities in nine different categories. For more information on the different categories, visit the Program Overview​.


Lobby your legislators about Sustainable Energy

Along with our partners in the Kentucky Sustainable Energy Alliance (KySEA), we support the Clean Energy Opportunity Act, expanding Kentucky’s net metering law, and expanding energy efficiency and renewable energy in our schools, called the Kentucky Green Schools Initiative.