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Robert H. Grubbs, 79, dies; chemistry breakthrough led to a Nobel

He helped perfect the manufacturing of compounds that are now used to make everything from plastics to pharmaceuticals, marking an advance in “green chemistry.”

In elk, a Kentucky professor sees an opportunity to help revitalize Appalachia

One professor is advocating for further expansion of the elk population through a conservation corridor across Appalachia. But, it could be a heavy lift.

These Birds Didn’t Have Chlamydia or West Nile. But They’re Still Dying.

After birds died in several states, many blinded with crusted-over eyes, wildlife officials were able to rule out a number of pathogens as the cause.

In the shadow of a reclaimed mine, this Kentucky center is retraining coal workers for high-tech manufacturing

The eKentucky Advanced Manufacturing Institute is a success story for federal efforts to revitalize coal communities, but it also highlights the challenges of seeding a 21st-century local economy. In the shadow of a reclaimed mine,…

Commentary: Why we intervened in Kentucky Power’s 3rd rate hike in 5 years

The Public Service Commission has an obligation to establish rates that are fair, just and reasonable to all ratepayers, writes Carrie Ray of the Mountain Association.

Peduto joins mayors from W.Va., Ohio, Ky. to call for climate-friendly industrial growth

Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto joined mayors from Kentucky, Ohio and West Virginia virtually to call for federal support in a plan that would provide more climate-friendly industrial growth across Appalachia and the Ohio River Valley.

‘It smells bad, it tastes bad’: How Americans stopped trusting their water

Rural water systems face unique challenges in providing clean, safe, affordable, sustainable drinking water including difficult terrain, a lack of financial stability and expertise.

Coal communities increasingly rely on federal health programs

Coal’s decline has forced staunchly anti-Obamacare politicians to reconsider Medicaid expansion, while rural communities depend on telehealth more than ever.

No Good Alternative, Volume 2 of Carbon Ideologies (2018)

By William T. Vollmann.
The second volume of William T. Vollmann’s epic book about the factors and human actions that have led to global warming begins in the coal fields of West Virginia and Eastern Kentucky, where “America’s best…