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6 Tips To Get Your Kids to Recycle

By Donna DeForbes

We’ve recycled in my household for years, so it was only natural that my daughter, Sofie, was exposed to the concept early on. With early exposure, recycling becomes as habitual as putting garbage in the trash can.


MISEDUCATION: How Climate Change Is Taught in America

By Katie Worth

Climate change refers to long-term shifts in temperatures and weather patterns, mainly caused by human activities, especially the burning of fossil fuels.


Kids are living with climate catastrophe. That doesn’t mean they believe in it.

By Katie Worth Photo: Ana Latese for the Washington Post

Something had been pestering 12-year-old Nakowa, and as he and his friends settled into their seventh-grade science class, he finally said it aloud: “This global warming stuff? My parents said it’s not true.”


8 Podcasts About Climate Change & Activism for K-12 Students

By Anne Bensfield and Pamela Rogers

Get educated about environmental racism, the carbon impact of sheltering in place, and more with experts including Bill Gates and Neil deGrasse Tyson.


What are greenhouse gases?

Greenhouse gases are gases in Earth’s atmosphere that trap heat. They let sunlight pass through the atmosphere, but they prevent the heat that the sunlight brings from leaving the atmosphere. The main greenhouse gases are:


Painting a Picture of Climate Change

By Katie Van Syckle Photo: Yuliya Parshina-Kottas

Climate change can be an unsettling subject for anyone, but it can be downright frightening for children. To explain the topic to young people, The New York Times’s Climate desk published a guide, “Bad Future, Better Future,” which includes ways they can help the environment.


The ‘Climate Art for Congress’ Project Empowers Kids to Speak Up For the Planet

By Katherine Martinko

Children and youth often feel they do not have a voice when it comes to the climate crisis. Too young to vote, their opinions and concerns lack a formal route to reach the ears of politicians making decisions on their behalf.