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For Clean Energy, Buy American or Buy It Quick and Cheap?

By Noam Scheiber Photo: Theophile Trossat
President Biden says slowing climate change will create jobs. Tension between unions and environmentalists shows it’s not so simple.

Reaching Back To The New Deal, Biden Proposes A Civilian Climate Corps

By Nathan Rott and Scott Detrow Photo: Claire Harbage/NPR
Members of the Montana Conservation Corps (MCC) work on trails near Tally Lake in northwestern Montana. President Biden wants to retool and relaunch one of the country's most celebrated government programs: the Civilian Conservation Corps.…

‘Which climate change jobs will be in high demand in the future?’

By Sara Peach
What kind of careers are going to be in high demand in the future? Climate science? Engineering? Animal conservation? Will we wake up and try to save what’s left of the species on this planet?

‘Green’ jobs in Biden’s infrastructure bill: What they could pay and how to be eligible

By Catherine Clifford Photo: Getty Images
A priority of President Joe Biden’s $2 trillion infrastructure and climate change bill, called “The American Jobs Plan,” is to “tackle climate change with American jobs and American ingenuity,” Biden said when he promoted his…

New Video: Climate Action Means Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!

By Peter Sinclair
We are moving in that direction, away from fossil fuels and non-renewables, but in a capitalist way. Certainly not something that goes against Republican philosophy. The next hurdle I see is getting gas stations to…

The Energy 202: China, Europe way ahead of U.S. when it comes to clean energy jobs

By Alexandra Ellerbeck Photo: Mason Trinca for The Washington Post
President Biden has promised that U.S. efforts to combat climate change will create millions of jobs. But the country will be playing catch-up, especially when it comes to battery technology critical for powering electric cars…

How Biden’s new Civilian Climate Corps would work

By Adele Peters Photo by Albert M. Bender
In 1933, when millions of Americans were out of work because of the Great Depression, the newly created Civilian Conservation Corps—part of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal—hired a “tree army” of young men who eventually…

An $80,000 Per Year Job of the Future: EV Charging Station Technician

By Steve LeVine
Techno-optimists tell us not to fear the age of robots and automation — that new jobs will replace those that are wiped out. Such talk has tended to ring hollow. What sort of jobs do…

Decarbonization can fix the jobs crisis and the climate crisis, scientist says

By David Broncaccio and Rose Conlon
There’s this notion that slowing climate change is an economically costly task. To wean ourselves off of fossil fuels means massive job losses for the traditional energy industries like coal, oil and natural gas —…

Let’s Hire Laid-Off Oil and Gas Workers to Fight Climate Change

By Michael R. Bloomberg Photo by Chris Goodney
The fact is, the U.S. oil and gas sector was in trouble even before the pandemic struck. Last year more than three dozen producers declared bankruptcy, hobbled by declining energy prices and rising debt. The…