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Warming Trends: Laughing About Climate Change, Fighting With Water and Investigating the Health Impacts of Fracking – Inside Climate News

CULTURE Gallows Humor Can we laugh about something as dire as climate change? The creators of a new comedy venture think so. In fact, comedian Esteban Gast believes humor is a way to reach people…


New Florida Legislation Will Help the State Brace for Rising Sea Levels, but Doesn’t Address Its Underlying Cause – Inside Climate News

ORLANDO, Fla.—Florida will craft a first-ever plan for addressing the growing threat of flooding and sea level rise, in an effort to be overseen by a newly established Statewide Office of Resilience, under legislation Gov….


Inside Clean Energy: Think Solar Panels Don’t Work in Snow? New Research Says Otherwise – Inside Climate News

Skeptics of renewable energy often claim—usually with an eye roll—that solar power doesn’t work well in snowy climates. When most solar panels were stationary and one-sided, this idea carried some weight. But now, most panels…


Biden’s Pick for the EPA’s Top Air Pollution Job Finds Himself Caught in the Crossfire – Inside Climate News

The Biden administration’s choice to head up the Environmental Protection Agency’s office of air and radiation faced sharp questioning during his confirmation hearing on Wednesday from coal state Republicans and a Democrat considered one of…


Forecasters Tap High-Tech Tools as US Warns of Another Unusually Active Hurricane Season – Inside Climate News

In and around Panama City, Florida, Judy Dickey is the “weather lady,” a credential she earned working for three decades as a meteorologist at local television stations. So when Dickey decided to ride out what…


Qantas Says Synthetic Fuel Could Power Long Flights by Mid-2030s – Inside Climate News

Synthetic fuel could start replacing traditional petroleum and plant-based biofuels by as early as the mid-2030s, helping to decarbonize long-distance air travel, Australian airline Qantas has said.  The Sydney-based group said so-called power-to-liquid technology—which manufactures…


New Study Says World Must Cut Short-Lived Climate Pollutants as Well as Carbon Dioxide to Meet Paris Agreement Goals – Inside Climate News

Climate policies that rely on decarbonization alone are not enough to hold atmospheric warming below 2 degrees Celsius and, rather than curbing climate change, would fuel additional warming in the near term, a study published…


As SpaceX Grows, So Do Complaints From Environmentalists, Indigenous Groups and Brownsville Residents – Inside Climate News

One day last month, Juan Mancias, the chief of the Carrizo Comecrudo tribe of Texas, and two companions headed to Boca Chica village, a bayside community in Cameron County, at the southernmost tip of the…


California Water Regulators Still Haven’t Considered the Growing Body of Research on the Risks of Oil Field Wastewater – Inside Climate News

California is heading into its dry season after one of the driest winters on record, preceded by a brief reprieve from the worst drought in its history. No wonder water managers in the Central Valley’s…


International Commission Votes to Allow Use of More Climate-Friendly Refrigerants in AC and Heat Pumps – Inside Climate News

A secretive vote in the arcane and Byzantine world of international safety standards late last month may lead to a dramatic reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from home heating and cooling systems in the coming…