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How family farmers are working to get federal support for regenerative agriculture

Every five years, Congress’s $1 trillion Farm Bill funds the agricultural industry. A coalition of farmers and companies are campaigning to get the bill to support regenerative farming—and prioritize family farmers over large-scale agribusiness. …


Opponents of proposed Foster Farms chicken plants ask Oregon for ban

Environmentalists, small farm advocates and residents ask the state to ban industrial food plans in their latest move against Foster Farms. …


Conservation dollars funding CAFOs instead of soil health

Federal conservation programs are supposed to support farmers who use practices that improve water quality, build soil health, and preserve and restore ecosystems. But a portion of the funding supports practices that some say fail…


Beef advertised as ‘raised without antibiotics’ may have antibiotics: study

Many Americans who choose to buy higher-priced beef products with reassuring labels like “Raised without Antibiotics” may actually be consuming steaks and burgers that do, in fact, contain antibiot… …


New UN climate report urges food systems solutions—before it’s too late

The latest report from the IPCC notes that, while eliminating fossil fuels is the first priority, land- and diet-based solutions could provide a quarter of world’s urgently needed emissions cuts. …