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He spent almost 50 years alone at 10,000 feet. His hobby helped shape climate research in the Rockies

By Karin Brulliard Photo: Chet Strange
As world leaders gathered across the globe this month to discuss a climate crisis that is rapidly heating the Earth, Billy Barr, 71, paused outside his mountainside cabin to measure snow. His tools were simple,…

Meet the pint-sized protester giving Greta a run for her money

By John Dingwall And Shekhar Bhatia Photo: Katielee Arrowsmith SWNS
Greta Thunberg has been upstaged by a new kid on the block who stole her thunder with an impassioned speech outside COP26. The teenager campaigner listened in awe and then saw the 12-year-old climate change…

Kenyan activist says drought at home causing ‘climate-related starvation’

By Associated Press
Kenyan climate activist Elizabeth Wathuti made an impassioned appeal to world leaders to “open your hearts” to those already feeling the effects of global warming.

COP26: ‘Everyday Climate Hero’ Marie Hand portrait by Rankin

By Paul Armstrong
Marie Hand, a factory supervisor at Kensa Heat Pumps, is part of a campaign which seeks to bring to the forefront these unsung heroes during the COP26 conference in Glasgow. As world leaders convene in…

Young Ugandan climate activist pushing for international crisis team to fight climate change

By Sarah Ramsaran Photo: Hudson Apunyo/Reuters
After seeing the devastating effects of climate change in his country, Ugandan climate activist Nyombi Morris has a message for world leaders at COP26: "Put an end to fossil fuels and make polluters pay." The…

Greta Thunberg: Activist calls on banks to stop funding climate ‘destruction’

Greta Thunberg has called on banks to "stop funding our destruction", ahead of the UN COP26 climate summit. The teenage Swedish climate activist is in London to take part in protests demanding the financial system…

Activist Vanessa Nakate on Amplifying The Voices of Those on The Frontlines of Climate Change

By Emily Chan
When Vanessa Nakate saw that she had been cut out of an Associated Press image with four other young climate activists at Davos in January 2020, she was, understandably, angry and upset. All of the…

Indigenous climate activist wins 2021 Bright Award

By Taylor Kubota Photo: Briar Wyatt
When asked when their journey as a climate activist began, India Logan-Riley responds that they were “born into it” because, as an Indigenous person, their history is intertwined with the history of climate change. Logan-Riley…

Portland teen wins presidential award for climate work

By Jenny Hansson
Diseases like diabetes and obesity aren’t the first thing that most people think of when considering the health impacts of climate change. But they’re among a myriad of illnesses expected to worsen as global temperatures…

Young Sudbury eco-hero Sophia Mathur prepares to attend UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow

By Eden Suh Photo: Sophia Mathur
At seven years old, young Sophia Mathur had a big obsession with cats, as most kids do with cuddly and furry animals. So when her mother, Cathy Orlando, took her to one of her first environmental lobbying…