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5 lessons from Gina McCarthy on getting tough things done

By Dylan Siegler

As the first White House National Climate Advisor and a former U.S. Environmental Protection Agency administrator, she has driven change in complex, time-sensitive, politically charged environments — a relatable context for many corporate practitioners. Now, as co-chair of America is All In — with Michael Bloomberg, Washington Gov. Jay Inslee, and the mayor of Charlotte, North Carolina, Vi Lyles — McCarthy is managing an initiative dedicated to developing a comprehensive national climate strategy.


‘Heat pump coach’ helps Massachusetts residents ditch oil and gas furnaces

By YCC Team

Over the past few years, electric heat pumps have been gaining popularity as a growing number of homeowners look for ways to replace their old fossil fuel boilers and furnaces.


25 Visionary Female Leaders Driving the Climate Change Revolution

By Igor

In this groundbreaking feature, we delve into the inspiring lives and accomplishments of 25 remarkable women shaping our planet’s future. This article will highlight these trailblazers’ contributions to renewable energy and climate change. Through their bold strategies, innovative solutions, and fearless leadership, these women are not only breaking barriers in traditionally male-dominated fields, but also leading the charge towards a sustainable and resilient future.


Biden’s first climate czar, Gina McCarthy, is getting a big new gig

By Maxine Joselow

Gina McCarthy, who served as President Biden’s first national climate adviser and led the Environmental Protection Agency under President Barack Obama, is joining the climate initiative America Is All In as managing co-chair, according to details shared exclusively with The Climate 202.


Who gets arrested for climate crimes?

By Emily Atkin and Arielle Samuelson

One of the new talks we were most looking forward to was from Vietnamese climate activist Hoàng Thi Minh Hồng. It was supposed to be about the need for climate activism in politically hostile environments, and strategies for how to execute it safely and effectively.


Sir David Attenborough: How polar ship will help scientists study climate change

By Daisy Dunne

Later this year, a state-of-the-art UK polar research ship – equipped with aquariums, a “moon pool” and 14 different laboratories – will sail to Antarctica to study little-known ecosystem processes that are vital to better understanding climate change.


The man who invented a time machine

By Bill McKibben

John Goodenough, who died Monday at the age of 100, invented an extraordinary time machine—one that is saving the residents of his adopted state of Texas this week, and that will play a crucial role in the planet’s future.


Diane Wilson: Gulf Coast activist on Goldman Environmental Prize

The longtime Gulf Coast activist just won the prestigious Goldman Environmental Prize for her work holding Formosa Plastics accountable….



Honoring individuals influencing the future of the planet through their work on climate justice, awareness, and activism.


A conversation with Robert Bullard, ‘father of environmental justice’

By Osha Davidson

Those who are most affected by climate change must have a say in plans to respond to the problem, Bullard says.
The post A conversation with Robert Bullard, ‘father of environmental justice’ appeared first on Yale…