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Artists organize to offer new visions for tackling climate change

Recently, the Pew Research Center found that over 66 per cent of Canadians are not only concerned about the climate crisis, but willing to alter how they live to help fight it. …


Village uses Indigenous seeds to slow down Cerrado deforestation

Mato Grosso’s Cerrado forest in Brazil is supposed to be protected with set asides when logged for new croplands and pastures. However, farms often get away with protecting less than they’re supposed to. …


Forward thinkers: 7 climate heroes in Sonoma County

These Sonoma County residents are facing the challenges of long-term changes to our climate — and are finding reasons to hope. …


First Nations group wants reconciliation reporting in new climate rules

The First Nations Financial Management Board called on the federal government to ‘immediately’ invite Indigenous Rights holders to the table to collaborate on drafting climate change and reconciliation reporting rules for corporations. …


‘It’s for our survival’ — Indigenous women lead conservation efforts in Canada

In Canada, Indigenous women are leading the charge to preserve biodiversity and fight climate change by heading up important new conservation initiatives. …


Glaciers a Common Thread Throughout New UN Climate Report

Across many chapters and sections of the new IPCC report, glaciers help to tell the story of climate change’s global impacts and how communities are responding. …


Tribal knowledge could rescue Great Lakes ‘ghost species’ from extinction, book says

Endangered Great Lakes creatures on the brink of extinction – so called “ghost species” – could be restored and the vast biodiversity of the region protected, according to a Michigan university academic and author. …